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A Review of Posts From 2017

December 29, 2017 Featured, Site Info No Comments

This is the next to last post for 2017. Including a new poll on Sunday, I will have posted 190 times this year. Today I’ve listed a quarter of these — from each month — as my favorite posts for 2017. The reasons why I selected each vary, but I think they represent why I continue writing this blog — now in its 14th year.


There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Senior Apartments To Be Built Adjacent To Swansea MetroLink Station Parking Lot

Annual Look At Changes Along St. Louis’ Dr Martin Luther King Drive

Accessibility To Food Trucks Is Often Lacking Due To Location Issues



Finally Visited The National Blues Museum

New Arch To Riverfront Ramps Are A Great Improvement

Marti Frumhoff 1957-2007

Tonight: My Last Night In My 40s Happy Hour @ 360 St Louis, 4pm-7pm


MARCH 2017

Grocery Delivery: Easy & Convenient…But Costly

Moral Crusader George Peach Charged In Prostitution Sting A Quarter Century Ago

Safety Expert Killed Crossing 4th Street 15 Years Ago Today

APRIL 2017

Trump Tweets Gateway Arch Should Be Changed To Gold Color

Opinion: Neoliberalism at City Hall Will Continue to Fail St. Louis

Lyda Krewson Is The 5th Mayor Since I Moved To St. Louis

MAY 2017

Richard Serra’s ‘Twain’ Is 35, Remains Unloved By Most St. Louisans…Including Arts Patrons

Learn From Embarrassing History, Don’t Brush It Under The Rug

Remembering The Old Kiener Plaza

A Look At The New Kiener Plaza (Photos & Videos)

Confederate Memorial in Forest Park Built During A period of High Racial Tensions in St. Louis

JUNE 2017

Crossing Hampton At Elizabeth

50 Years Since Unanimous SCOTUS Decision In Loving v Virginia

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Urban Areas



JULY 2017

Judge: Special Business District Did Not Comply With State Law, Board Members Failed To Disclose Conflicts of Interest

Pine @ Tucker Treated Different Than Locust @ Tucker

Opinion: Razing Vacant Buildings A Short-Term Strategy With Negative Long-Term Consequences

16th & Market Curb Ramp Slightly Less Shoddy Than It Was



The Gateway Transportation Center Is Now Amshack #3

Opinion: Missouri GOP Gutted Missouri’s Civil Rights Law

The Civic Center MetroBus Transit Center Reopens Today…Smoke-Free!

St. Louis Does the Opposite of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

The Total Eclipse In St. Clair MO

Wheelchair Users Locked Out Of St. Louis Public Park


One Building On Locust Being Renovated While Another Awaits Demolition

‘The Walk’ Two Decades Later

Bus Stop Design In The St. Louis Region De-Prioritizes Transit




Taco Bell Sans Drive-Thru

Opinion: Our Gas Prices Are Way Too Low

Opinion: Professional Lobbyists Shouldn’t Be Aldermen

Opinion: Doubtful St. Louis Will Be A Finalist For Amazon’s HQ2…And That’s OK

13th Anniversary Of UrbanReviewSTL


Opinion: St. Louis Should Legalize Marijuana

Land Reutilization Authority Selling Vacant Lot That Is Less Than An Inch Wide

The LRA’s 10 Smallest Properties For Sale

Opinion: Generations of Shortsighted Decisions Continues To Dog St. Louis Region. Will Likely Continue



Opinion: Shake Shack Kinda A Big Deal For St. Louis

Opinion: Downtown Needs More Residential Units — Apartments Are Right for the Times

Many Holiday Gifts Came Likely Came From St. Louis’ Jaccard & Co Jewelry

Opinion: Tax Bill Xmas Gift a Lump of Coal for Many


Like every year, 2017 had ups & downs — this is true for me personally, and for the city & region. Twenty-eighteen will also have highs & lows.

— Steve Patterson



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