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The Total Eclipse In St. Clair MO

August 23, 2017 Featured No Comments

Today I’m staring a few eclipse photos from Monday. We decided to go to St. Clair Missouri. My husband had to work early that morning, we left around 10:39am stopping only for fuel. WE arrived in St, Clair around noon. Traffic seemed slightly heavier, though neither of us drive much beyond I-270 on a regular basis.

I’d studied the centerline and wanted to be near it.

The blue line represents the center of the 73-mile wide path of totality, thw red star the point where we were.
WE joined a few others in the parking lot of an old motel that is for sale.
It was bright and sunny at 1pm.
Seventeen minutes later is was dark and the temperature drop was noticeable,
The drive home was considerably longer, with only a few points we reached the speed limit. Everyone was cautious and patient.

Our round trip was about 5 hours — for less than 3 minutes of totality.  I didn’t think I’d be able to, but I saw the partial eclipse with a combination of my prescription glasses and eclipse glasses. During totality it was amazing.

We’re looking forward to April 8, 2024.

— St.Louis


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