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Readers Resist Transit As Gas Prices Rise

I’m not sure if its a love of cars/driving or a dislike of transit but readers in the poll last week indicated it will take a lot to get them to give up driving and use transit.

ABOVE: A large crowd waits to board the #70 Grand MetroBus at Union Station

Q: How Expensive Must Gas Get Before You Take Transit Instead of Drive?

  1. I already take transit and/or bike: 39 [33.05%]
  2. I’ll never take transit: 17 [14.41%]
  3. Other: 16 [13.56%]
  4. $10+ 14 [11.86%]
  5. $6 – $6.99: 13 [11.02%]
  6. $5 – $5.99: 10 [8.47%]
  7. $7 – $9.99: 6 [5.08%]
  8. $4 – $4.99: 3 [2.54%]

Wow, really? This tells me we can jack up taxes on gasoline to fund dramatically better transit and most of you will keep driving. Missouri should raise fuel taxes to be on par with neighboring states like Illinois (41.2¢/gallon). The average for the 50 states is 30.5¢/gallon but Missouri is at 17.3¢/gallon, slightly above Oklahoma (Source).

The high number of “other” answers were mostly those feeling guilty and/or defensive about driving:

  1. I can’t take transit to work, not a choice
  2. When I can get from St. Louis County to St. Charles County
  3. I will just work from home
  4. It rarely goes where I need it to – despite proximity to multiple bus routes!
  5. I take transit and walk. 🙂
  6. I’ll be riding my scooter
  7. When it doesnt take 2 hrs to travel, the same distance I can drive in 20 minutes
  8. When it’s cleaner and safer, maybe I’ll consider transit.
  9. i live 3 miles from work, it’s still not an issue for me.
  10. Tranist is not an option in my current job.
  11. I’d take transit now if there was better coverage near my home.
  12. I don’t have convenient transit access
  13. My job requires me to have a car.
  14. transit is not an option for my commute
  15. i’ll take it when it runs 24/7b

Do people only go from home to work and back? No, we don’t. We go to events, shopping, dinner, etc. I’d imagine many of you have made changes to your routines:

Nationally, 84% of those responding to an AAA survey released earlier this month say they’ve changed their routines as a result of soaring fuel prices. Better planning — combining errands into a single trip — was the most common way cited. (USA Today)

It will be interesting to watch as prices continue to rise.

– Steve Patterson


Readers Supportive of Park Bond Debt

December 14, 2011 Economy, Parks, Politics/Policy 4 Comments
ABOVE: The Fox Park pavilion faces Shenandoah Ave

Last week more than half the readers that voted in the poll support the city taking on debt to fix our many parks:

Q: Do you support St. Louis selling bonds to fund park improvements?

  1. Yes, investing in our park infrastructure will help the city prosper! 52 [54.17%]
  2. No, the debt will be a burden on city revenues 21 [21.88%]
  3. Possibly 12 [12.5%]
  4. unsure/no opinion 6 [6.25%]
  5. Other: 5 [5.21%]

The other answers were:

  1. If we need bonds, then do a bond issue. Tax revenues are for ongoing revenue.
  2. like better parks. don’t like debt. hm?
  3. why not sell bonds to improve failed school district?
  4. No. there are at least a half dozen more pressing needs than park maintenance
  5. I support the bonds but agree with JZ71 – funding needs to be more distributed.

Time will tell if this was a good decision. Improved parks may make city neighborhoods more appealing, attracting residents, businesses and jobs. Increased revenues cover the debt. On the other hand service cuts might be needed in the future to deal with the debt payments. The original post had some spirited comments.

– Steve Patterson


Poll: Do You Support St. Louis Selling Bonds To Fund Park Improvements?

St. Louis will be selling bonds to fund improvements to the city’s park system. From STLtoday.com on Friday:

St. Louis aldermen today overwhelmingly approved a plan to issue $64 million in bonds for city parks, with about $30 million to be spent on improvements at Forest Park.

What’s not to like about better parks?

ABOVE: Forest Park

Comptroller Darlene Green isn’t happy about the city taking on more debt:

On Thursday, Green was outvoted when two related bills authorizing the funding plan passed the city’s three-person Board of Estimate and Apportionment, which also includes Mayor Francis Slay and Aldermanic President Lewis Reed. Aldermen today approved the bills by wide margins. (article)

So St. Louis will take on more debt. In a November 30th letter to the Board of Aldermen, Comptroller Green explained her concerns about paying off the debt.

ABOVE: Gravois Park is one of 100+ parks in St. Louis

This seems like a perfect subject for a weekly poll question: Do you support St. Louis selling bonds to fund park improvements? The poll is in the right sidebar, results will be posted Wednesday December 14th.

– Steve Patterson


Readers Supportive of MoDOT Tolling I-70 Between St. Louis & Kansas City

November 30, 2011 Economy, Transportation 17 Comments

In the poll last week readers supported having drivers pay tolls on I-70:

Q: Should MoDOT toll I-70?

  1. Yes, tolls are a great way to make only users pay for the road 38 [36.19%]
  2. Yes, but Missouri should also increase the state gas tax 31 [29.52%]
  3. No, once tolls start they will never end 13 [12.38%]
  4. Perhaps, need more information 10 [9.52%]
  5. Other: 8 [7.62%]
  6. No, will lead to more toll roads in MO 5 [4.76%]
  7. Unsure/No Opinion 0 [0%]

As is often the case the other answers also provide additional viewpoints:

  1. MoDot should consider more than just I-70 for tolls
  2. yes if the toll pays for removing I-70 from Downtown
  3. increase gas tax first
  4. No, we should increase the gas tax instead
  5. no, new leadership needed
  6. I like the free road, but toll roads are probably better for the environment.
  7. We need a comprehensive transportation plan that pays for transit too.
  8. Add as a poll answer
  9. OK if no new lanes

What I failed to distinguish between is who manages the tolls — MoDOT vs a private corporation.

– Steve Patterson


Patronize Local Stores on Black Friday if You’re Shopping

November 25, 2011 Economy, Featured, Parking 6 Comments

The great thing about  not having any money is I have no need to subject myself to the crowds of people trying to get a cheap flat-screen television at midnight.

ABOVE: Parking lot at The Galleria Mall on Sunday August 1, 2010

But part of me is tempted to take transit to places the The Galleria Mall just to see the vast areas of surface parking on the only day of the year that much parked is needed.

If I were shopping it wouldn’t be at a generic mall. I’d be at a locally owned store so my money would stay in the community. What are your thoughts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

-Steve Patterson




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