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Readers: Rams Should Pay For Their Own Facility In STL Region

Two-thirds of readers last week thought the Rams should pay for any new facility, but they’d like them to stay in the region. Here were the results:

ABOVE: Edward Jones Dome as seen from The Laurel Apartments
ABOVE: Edward Jones Dome as seen from The Laurel Apartments

Q: Arbitrators ruled in favor of the Rams regarding the EJ Dome lease, what outcome would you like now?

  1. Rams to pay for their own facility, but staying in the region 134 [67%]
  2. For the Rams to move elsewhere 31 [15.5%]
  3. Other: 19 [9.5%]
  4. City/county/state pay build a new facility 9 [4.5%]
  5. CVC/city/county/state pay for the Dome modifications 7 [3.5%]
  6. Unsure/No Opinion 0 [0%]

Many of the 19 “other” answers indicated some sort of public-private split:

  1. 50/50
  2. New stadium financed partially by Kroenke and partially by tax dollars
  3. they all pay.
  4. Rams, City, County and fans pay for new facility in downtown
  5. build a new stadium southwest of busch
  6. Rams Owners to pay off the OLD facility, then move away to wherever!
  7. Public-Private partnership for a new stadium
  8. to get the G4 from the NFL and HELP pay for the NEW DOME in STL
  9. Rams pay majority to rehab the Dome. Must get more use out of a 17 yr old bldg.
  10. It will be a combination of city / county / state / NFL & Rams money – new stadi
  11. Los Angeles Relocation
  12. Move to Maryland Heights
  13. Rams build stadium on illinois riverfront
  14. city state and rams pay. keep stadium downtown
  15. Agreement for both parties to contribute to a new stadium not downtown
  16. Rams and CVC/city/county/state pay for Dome modifications
  17. Stan signs long term lease with no changes needed to current dome : )
  18. Rams, NFL, CVC/city/county/state pay for facility
  19. Rams stay, hybrid financing – team + NFL + taxpayers

So why didn’t I include such an option in the poll?

CVC leaders immediately said that it was unlikely the state, St. Louis city and St. Louis County would agree to such an expense. The three are still paying a combined $24 million a year toward the bonds taken out to build the Dome. (stltoday.com)

Because we haven’t paid for the facility we have! The bond holders still expect to get paid regardless of where the Rams play after March 2015. If the Rams want to pay off the remaining debt on the Edward Jones Dome then I suppose some sort of shared effort to finance a new facility could be discussed.

The one topic I’ve not seen covered in all this is the PSL – personal seat license. The City of Charlotte is going through a very similar process with the Carolina Panthers:

Belong Forever.

That’s the Carolina Panthers’ marketing campaign to persuade fans to buy Permanent Seat Licenses, which gives someone the right to buy season tickets for a “lifetime” of football at Bank of America Stadium.

But as the team negotiates with the city of Charlotte for $125 million in public money for stadium renovations, some fans have questioned what their PSLs guarantee them.

The truth: A PSL is only permanent and forever for as long as the team stays in Bank of America Stadium. (Charlotte Observer)

Does it make a difference to Rams PSL holders if the dome gets a major overhaul versus building a new facility in Fenton, for example?

The only site  I can think of in the City of St. Louis large enough for a football stadium is the former Pruitt-Igoe public housing project at Cass & Jefferson.

— Steve Patterson


Really Get A Life!

“Really get a life!” was a comment left on a imagine I posted to this blog’s Facebook page Monday afternoon, I was complaining at the offices of St. Louis Parking about them pushing snow off their private parking lot and subsequently blocking the public sidewalk. The photo got 19+ likes by Monday evening but “Yippee Skippee” felt differently:

ABOVE: Comment left on Facebook

I get such a comment every so often when I’m speaking out about what I feel is an injustice.  What is the meaning of such a comment?

“Get a life” is an idiom and catch phrase usually intended as a taunt, to indicate that the person being so addressed is devoting an inordinate amount of time to trivial or hopeless matters. (Wikipedia)

So basically Yippee is a bully that’s unwilling to use his real name on social media. Here is the pic he commented on.

ABOVE: This is the image he commented on, I'd said I was complaining about then pushing snow onto the sidewalk .
ABOVE: This is the image he commented on, I’d said I was complaining about then pushing snow onto the sidewalk .
ABOVE: I'd posted this image an hour or so earlier of snow blocking the 11th street sidewalk
ABOVE: I’d posted this image an hour or so earlier of snow blocking the 11th street sidewalk

Have a great day!

— Steve Patterson



Poll: What Outcome Do You Want With The Rams And The Dome?

On Friday arbitrators ruled in favor of the St. Louis Rams — the CVC’s proposal was insificient to make the Edward Jones Dome a “top tier” facility. They didn’t create a new plan but favored a proposal put forth by the Rams last year:

ABOVE: Dome would be expanded across the existing Broadway and Baer Plaza
ABOVE: Rams proposed expanding the EJ Dome across the existing Broadway and Baer Plaza

If the CVC does not meet that plan, however, the Rams and CVC will go to a year-to-year agreement, but the team could still leave town after the 2014-15 season. (KSDK)

So now what? Many options still exist:

  • The CVC could try to get city/county/state funds to rebuild the dome per the Rams proposal, though highly unlikely
  • A new stadium could be built somewhere else in the region funded by taxpayers and/or the Rams
  • The Rams could pack up and leave the St. Louis region in two years.

The poll question this week wants to know what outcome you’d like to see happen. I personally want to see the Rams use their own money to build a facility in the region, the site of the former Chrysler plant in Fenton is often suggested.

Why? I don’t want the Rams to leave because I don’t want to hear the moaning about us not having an NFL team, heard enough of that in the early 1990s. But I also don’t want taxpayers to foot the bill for another facility, especially since the current facility hasn’t been used for even 20 years yet.

The poll is in the right sidebar.

— Steve Patterson


Political Engagement & Social Media

Real action is needed to bring about change, it doesn’t happen on Facebook and blogs. That was the message at the City Affair panel discussion on political engagement held Thursday evening. Didn’t here about it? I knew because I got invited via a Facebook event (link). I posted a pic on my personal Facebook timeline when I checked into the event as well as on UrbanReviewSTL’s Facebook page and twitter account.

ABOVE: City Affair on 1/31/2013
ABOVE: City Affair on 1/31/2013

Yes, being on social doesn’t create change but it does a great job of making connections. But it is true, until like-minded people get tother in the same space nothing much happens. Social media also expands the awareness of an issue, increasing the likeliness of reaching enough people to ignite action.

Earlier this week an Intercontinental hotel in Egypt tweeted when it came under attack (story). Two years ago the world watched as people toppled the government of Hosni Mubarak. Tweets by themselves aren’t going to create sustained change.

But back in St. Louis I find Twitter is the simplest way to report a problem to Citizens Service Bureau (@stlcbs). Ok, it isn’t overthrowing a 30 year dictatorship but it is a citizen getting his government to respond.

The discussion of action items after Thursday’s event is taking place on…Facebook.

— Steve Patterson


Now Open Downtown: MX Movies

On the 17th MX Movies had its Grand Opening.

ABOVE: The lobby of MX Movies. An elevator will be installed soon, meanwhile you can also enter directly from the MX Garage.
ABOVE: The lobby of MX Movies. An elevator will be installed soon, meanwhile you can also enter directly from the MX Garage.
ABOVE: Looking back down at the lobby.
ABOVE: Looking back down at the lobby.
ABOVE: The ticket window at the top of the stairs
ABOVE: The ticket window at the top of the stairs

I peaked into a theater during a movie, I’ll have to return to see a show and order food to be delivered to my seat. For more information, including theater pics, click here.

— Steve Patterson