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My First Wikipedia Edit

September 6, 2013 Featured, Popular Culture Comments Off on My First Wikipedia Edit

Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced encyclopedia. Better than peer reviewed, it’s peer-edited! This post is a story about how I made my first edit and uploaded my first image.

The other day I wanted to find the address of the Page Warehouse in Tulsa designed by architect Bruce Goff (1904-1982), but the Wikipedia page List of Art Deco buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma listed an address on East 13th, rather than East 11th. It also said it had been demolished.

The listed address was 408 East 13th, which is surrounded by highway off ramps. Someone must’ve assumed it was demolished because there are no buildings remaining at that address anymore. But I knew it was on East 11th, which was Route 66 in Tulsa. I drove past the building last on September 4, 2009.

Tulsa's Page Warehouse by Rush, Endacott & Rush. A young Bruce Goff designed this in 1927
Tulsa’s Page Warehouse by Rush, Endacott & Rush. A young Bruce Goff designed this in 1927

Knowing the address in Wikipedia was wrong I looked up Page Moving & Storage instead of Page Warehouse. Ah yes, 2036 East 11th, the building still stands and the company is still in existence at that address.

But Wikipedia was still wrong…I couldn’t just leave it that way. I had to create a profile and correct the information, I might as well add one of the 6 images I took 4 years ago too. The registration process & editing were fairly simple. Wikipedia tracks who edits each page.

According to Wikipedia, it has over 19 million accounts (Wikipedians) with only a fraction as regular contributors. I’ve not looked at the results of their 2011 editor survey, except that 90% are male. Not sure what conclusions, if any, to draw from that.

Are you a Wikipedian?

— Steve Patterson


Readers Top Pick For Closed Restaurant They Wish Was Still Open: The Parkmoor

Hopefully the poll last week was a nice stroll down memory lane, it was for me at least. The question was the three closed restaurants readers wished were still open. The Parkmoor received 35 votes to top the poll with 7.94%.

The Parkmoor was locatewd at Clayton Rd & Big Bend, photo from The Parkmoor Facebook page.
The Parkmoor was located at Clayton Rd & Big Bend, photo from The Parkmoor Facebook page.

Here’s some history about The Parkmoor you may not have known:

There were once six Parkmoors in St. Louis. I had thought that the Parkmoor at Big Bend and Clayton was the one and only. In fact it was the sole survivor as well as the original, in 1930 the site of a Tudor-style drive-in. Three more Parkmoors opened in the 1930s and two in the 1950s, but all five of them were gone by 1971.

From 1940 to 1953 there was also a McGinley Parkmoor in Indianapolis. Parkmoor was a popular name for mid-century drive-ins. The Parkmoors in Amarillo TX, Knoxville TN (one O), Dayton OH, and Sarasota FL were not related. (source)

Many drive-in restaurants continued even though the drive-in service didn’t.

Here are the remaining votes:

  1. Tin Can 32 [7.26%]
  2. Other: 29 [6.58%]
  3. Rossino’s 23 [5.22%]
  4. Miss Hullings 22 [4.99%]
  5. Busch’s Grove 22 [4.99%]
  6. Bleeding Deacon 22 [4.99%]
  7. Papa Fabarre’s 21 [4.76%]
  8. Duff’s 21 [4.76%] 4.76%
  9. Del Taco 20 [4.54%]
  10. Flaco’s Tacos 20 [4.54%]
  11. King Louie’s 20 [4.54%]
  12. 94th Aerosquadron 16 [3.63%]
  13. Chuy Arzola’s (Dogtown) 15 [3.4%]
  14. Stable 12 [2.72%]
  15. Monarch 10 [2.27%]
  16. Tangerine 9 [2.04%]
  17. The Salad Bowl 8 [1.81%]
  18. Shangri La Diner 7 [1.59%]
  19. Delmar Lounge 7 [1.59%]
  20. Chez Leon 6 [1.36%]
  21. Sunshine Inn 6 [1.36%]
  22. Red Moon 5 [1.13%]
  23. Brandt’s 5 [1.13%]
  24. El Burrito Loco 5 [1.13%]
  25. Zoe’s Panasian 4 [0.91%]
  26. O’Malley’s 3 [0.68%]
  27. Marty’s Baking 3 [0.68%]
  28. Pestalozzi Place 3 [0.68%]
  29. Shuggas 1 [0.23%]
  30. Empire Sandwich Shop 0 [0%]
  31. Minions Cafe 0 [0%]

As you can see at the top “other” got a lot of votes:

  1. Casa Gallardo
  2. Tanner B’s (x3)
  3. Seki’s
  4. Beffa’s
  5. Salt (x2)
  6. Sunflower Cafe
  7. Kitchen K
  8. Garavelli’s
  9. Il Vicino’s
  10. Revival
  11. Natural Fact Deli
  12. Terrene
  13. Moxy
  14. Robert E Lee
  15. redels
  16. Sine Qua Non (Delmar) – Ethiopian
  17. silk road
  18. Newstead Tower Public House
  19. Riddles
  20. Dooley’s (downtown)
  21. Dohak’s
  22. Kopperman’s
  23. Lake Forest bakery
  24. wildflower pizza on pershing
  25. mojo tapas
  26. Diamond Head Inn

I have no great insight other than restaurants come and go.

— Steve Patterson


Poll: What Three (3) St. Louis Area Restaurants Have Closed That You Wish Were Still Open?

Many restaurants I remember from my childhood in Oklahoma City have since closed: Split-T, Al’s Hideaway BBQ, Nicolosi’s, etc. In my 23 years in St. Louis I’ve seen many restaurants come and go too. All I have left are fond memories.

Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar
Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar

The poll this week asks: What three (3) St. Louis area restaurants have closed that you wish were still open? So put on your nostalgia hat and review the list of 30 I’ve included as options in the poll:

  1. 94th Aerosquadron
  2. Bleeding Deacon
  3. Brandt’s
  4. Busch’s Grove
  5. Chez Leon
  6. Chuy Arzola’s (Dogtown)
  7. Del Taco
  8. Delmar Lounge
  9. Duff’s
  10. El Burrito Loco
  11. Empire Sandwich Shop
  12. Flaco’s Tacos
  13. King Louie’s
  14. Marty’s Baking
  15. Minions Cafe
  16. Miss Hullings
  17. Monarch
  18. O’Malley’s
  19. Papa Fabare’s
  20. Parkmoor
  21. Pestalozzi Place
  22. Red Moon
  23. Rossino’s
  24. Sunshine Inn
  25. The Salad Bowl
  26. Shangri La Diner
  27. The Stable
  28. Tangerine
  29. Tin Can
  30. Zoe’s Panasian

They’re alphabetical here but will be presented in random order in the poll (right sidebar). Here are more closed restaurants you might want to include in the other field:

  1. Colorado
  2. Gulf Coast Cafe
  3. Kitchen K
  4. Kopperman’s
  5. La Fourchette
  6. Mattingly’s
  7. Mojo Tapas
  8. Moxy
  9. Pelican
  10. Sage
  11. Simply Fondue
  12. Shuggas
  13. Southern Belle Supper Club
  14. Tanner B’s
  15. Terrene

You can also review a list of closed restaurants on UrbanSpoon.com.

Thanks to my Facebook friends with help generating all these names, I’d forgotten about many. Please share your memories in the comments below.

— Steve Patterson


Enjoyed PrideFest Downtown

Last month the annual LGBT PrideFest was held downtown, previously it has been held in Tower Grove Park & Forest Park.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay participates every year
St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay participates every year

On Saturday June 29th I heard a guy across the street with a bullhorn quoting what I presume were bible passages. He was alone and largely ignored. Sunday, following the parade, there were more protestors.  This time they weren’t ignored.

On Sunday a group protested PrideFest, quoting from their bibles
On Sunday a group protested PrideFest, quoting from their bibles
A close up view, I liked the no right turn street sign’s proximity to the protestor’s sign. At least Westboro Baptist makes readable signs…

I guess protestors are to be expected, it’s a free country.

I’m thankful PrideFest is now downtown, good move. In a future post I’ll look at the problems of using the area around Soldier’s Memorial for large events.

 — Steve Patterson


St. Louis Came Out For Trayvon Martin, Another Rally at Noon Today

Last Sunday a couple  hundred people showed up at the St. Louis Justice Center to rally against the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the February 26, 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

St. Louisans gathered peacefully outside the Justice Center on Sunday July 14th
St. Louisans gathered peacefully outside the Justice Center on Sunday July 14th

Across the country today more demonstrations will be held at federal courthouses. “The St. Louis gathering will take place at 12 noon at the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse (111 South 10th Street St. Louis, MO 63102).” (source)

I’m not going to say anything else, I just ask that commenters be respectful to others.

— Steve Patterson