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Poll: What Three (3) St. Louis Area Restaurants Have Closed That You Wish Were Still Open?

August 4, 2013 Featured, Popular Culture, STL Region, Sunday Poll 9 Comments

Many restaurants I remember from my childhood in Oklahoma City have since closed: Split-T, Al’s Hideaway BBQ, Nicolosi’s, etc. In my 23 years in St. Louis I’ve seen many restaurants come and go too. All I have left are fond memories.

Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar
Please vote in the poll, located in the right sidebar

The poll this week asks: What three (3) St. Louis area restaurants have closed that you wish were still open? So put on your nostalgia hat and review the list of 30 I’ve included as options in the poll:

  1. 94th Aerosquadron
  2. Bleeding Deacon
  3. Brandt’s
  4. Busch’s Grove
  5. Chez Leon
  6. Chuy Arzola’s (Dogtown)
  7. Del Taco
  8. Delmar Lounge
  9. Duff’s
  10. El Burrito Loco
  11. Empire Sandwich Shop
  12. Flaco’s Tacos
  13. King Louie’s
  14. Marty’s Baking
  15. Minions Cafe
  16. Miss Hullings
  17. Monarch
  18. O’Malley’s
  19. Papa Fabare’s
  20. Parkmoor
  21. Pestalozzi Place
  22. Red Moon
  23. Rossino’s
  24. Sunshine Inn
  25. The Salad Bowl
  26. Shangri La Diner
  27. The Stable
  28. Tangerine
  29. Tin Can
  30. Zoe’s Panasian

They’re alphabetical here but will be presented in random order in the poll (right sidebar). Here are more closed restaurants you might want to include in the other field:

  1. Colorado
  2. Gulf Coast Cafe
  3. Kitchen K
  4. Kopperman’s
  5. La Fourchette
  6. Mattingly’s
  7. Mojo Tapas
  8. Moxy
  9. Pelican
  10. Sage
  11. Simply Fondue
  12. Shuggas
  13. Southern Belle Supper Club
  14. Tanner B’s
  15. Terrene

You can also review a list of closed restaurants on UrbanSpoon.com.

Thanks to my Facebook friends with help generating all these names, I’d forgotten about many. Please share your memories in the comments below.

— Steve Patterson


Currently there are "9 comments" on this Article:

  1. guest says:

    Gino’s on Hampton

  2. Church’s Chicken on Delmar. RIP.


  3. Libby says:

    Riddle’s on Delmar. Especially this time of year for tomato salad.

  4. samizdat says:

    Shangri-La, on Cherokee. What up, Christine? Service was sometimes a bit pokey, but the female waitstaff tended toward the nerdy/bespectacled/tattooed/curvaceous/sweet, and anyway, my wife and I used to take to playing a game of Scrabble while we waited.

    Sunflower, in the DeBaliviere neighborhood. One of the best and cheapest gourmet restaurants in the City. Fantastic, fresh food, in perfect portions, and most often featuring seasonal ingredients. And those little loaves of bread they brought out with some olive oil. *sigh* My wife and I sure do miss that one. We went at least every one to two months,and could walk out of there with appeteasers, dinner, wine/beer, dessert for under forty, w/tip.

    Cafe Istanbul (or was it Istanbul Cafe). Yeah, it was in Webster, but it wasn’t too far from the Hill, where I lived at the time, and my then-girlfriend’s (now wife; hey, I’m not stupid) apt (s) in Tower Grove. (one of which was the old undertaking building on Shenandoah and Tennessee; Herr? Hier? Haas?) It was only open for a year. I worked with an Iranian immigrant who knew the owner/prop, and he said she was a bit overcome with the workload. Best hummus on the planet.

    Honorable mention to Burrito Loco. Though the circumstances of their closing, as they relate to my wife and I preclude their inclusion in the top three.

    I miss the Parkmoor more as a fine example of Googie than I do as a restaurant, though it had good food well-prepared.

  5. JZ71 says:


  6. bailorg says:

    Il Vicino’s in Clayton.

  7. Todd says:

    Salt on Lindell. Delicious food and drinks, but bad management…

  8. Eddie in NorCal says:

    John Mineo’s and The Seventh Inn, both out in west county.


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