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Really Get A Life!

February 7, 2013 Featured, Popular Culture, Steve Patterson 25 Comments

“Really get a life!” was a comment left on a imagine I posted to this blog’s Facebook page Monday afternoon, I was complaining at the offices of St. Louis Parking about them pushing snow off their private parking lot and subsequently blocking the public sidewalk. The photo got 19+ likes by Monday evening but “Yippee Skippee” felt differently:

ABOVE: Comment left on Facebook

I get such a comment every so often when I’m speaking out about what I feel is an injustice.  What is the meaning of such a comment?

“Get a life” is an idiom and catch phrase usually intended as a taunt, to indicate that the person being so addressed is devoting an inordinate amount of time to trivial or hopeless matters. (Wikipedia)

So basically Yippee is a bully that’s unwilling to use his real name on social media. Here is the pic he commented on.

ABOVE: This is the image he commented on, I'd said I was complaining about then pushing snow onto the sidewalk .
ABOVE: This is the image he commented on, I’d said I was complaining about then pushing snow onto the sidewalk .
ABOVE: I'd posted this image an hour or so earlier of snow blocking the 11th street sidewalk
ABOVE: I’d posted this image an hour or so earlier of snow blocking the 11th street sidewalk

Have a great day!

— Steve Patterson



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  1. Eric says:

    With a name like “Yippee Skippee”, he/she is just begging to be taken seriously.

  2. JZ71 says:

    Do you know that they actually “pushed snow on the sidewalk”? It looks more like the snow (in this picture) slid off of the parked vehicles as the day warmed up. I don’t disagree that way too many plowing companies find sidewalk areas convenient places to dump snow, but this particular case may be something that happened less than an hour before you snapped the picture.

    • We didn’t have that much snow, what snow we had came when the lot was empty. I’ve never seen snow fall off cars the to the front, not sides or back, and be able to leap a couple of feet.

      • Eric says:

        “I’ve never seen snow fall off cars the to the front, not sides or back, and be able to leap a couple of feet.”

        If you’re talking about the further grey car – it could be that a car was parked there and drove away, and the grey car took its place, but parked further from the curb.

        “what snow we had came when the lot was empty”

        If true, that proves the point. (Unless the cars were driving around with snow on them and then parked here, but that seems unlikely)

  3. Ned says:

    Please don’t “get a life.”

    • I won’t, I’m going to keep fighting injustices I see & experience.

      • Fozzie says:

        Inconveniences are not same as injustices.

        • moe says:

          Yes. A VERY big difference.

        • “Definition of INCONVENIENT: not convenient especially in giving trouble or annoyance”

          “Definition of INJUSTICE: absence of justice : violation of right or of the rights of another”

          The inability to pass on a public sidewalk because a private property owner decideded to push snow off their proprty onto the sidewalk is an injustice. This is why many cities have laws against such an action, Topeka restated their law after it was accidentally repealed. http://cjonline.com/news/2012-01-17/city-again-bans-moving-snow-sidewalks

          • Fozzie says:

            It’s not even clear whether a plow operator did this, but that has never stopped you from making broad assumptions.

            Separate water fountains are injustices. Anti-gay marriage laws are injustices. “Pushing snow on a sidewalk” is inconvenient.

            Your passion to highlight legitimate inequities for the disabled or a pedestrian is diluted with assumptive and exaggerated posts like this.

          • Having traveled about 10 blocks that morning most sidewalks were bone dry, except those in deep shade where some light remnants of snow remained. The only plsce this much snow existed was next to the parking lot that had zero snow.

          • samizdat says:

            You remember the old saying, “Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes?” Well, perhaps if you and other were to take life on with a cane, wheelchair, or hobbled to simulate the infirmities which come with old age, you may gain some insight (currently lacking) into why this and other incidents are so important to Mr. Patterson and others. Just because this podunk burg practically refuses to do anything about this crap doesn’t mean it has no importance. Other cities do take this VERY seriously. Why the parochial-minded, good ol’ boys/girls at City Hall don’t crack down on this BS is something of a wonder. But I suspect that a portion of the reason is that there is some degree of fear that these retailers will leave the City, and take their jerbs with them. Which is bunk, and ignorance is no excuse to simply ignore the needs and concerns of our fellow citizens, whomever they may be.

          • samizdat says:

            Btw, I’m not only referring to this cited situation (which may, in fact, be wholly the result of melting), but also the numerous violations of City ordinance he has highlighted. I witness so many violations at retail and commercial establishments it makes my head spin. The “temporary” vinyl storefront banners being the most egregiously obvious (and numerous).

  4. samizdat says:

    Some people are just dicks, really…

  5. Really, he should learn the rules of grammar and punctuation, if he’s going to admonish someone to “get a life.”

  6. Mike Eaton says:

    If St. Louis had more Steve Patterson’s and fewer Yippee Skippee’s, our city would be in much better shape.

  7. Moe says:

    Well why don’t we just put electric heaters under the sidewalks, that way we will never have to worry about the snow or ice. And it’s obvious Yippie Skippy hit a sore spot…I’ve found more typos in this article than in any other.

  8. Imran says:

    Folks just love to argue. The bottom line is that Steve is highlighting issues that a handicapped person can encounter on our city sidewalks. It does not matter if the snow leaped , slid off or was meticulously arranged in heaps. This blog raises awareness for the rest of us who don’t always think about these issues when there is snow, trash, weeds in front of our houses, businesses and public rights of way.

  9. JZ71 says:

    It also looks like the Law of Unintended Consequences kicked in here, since the (apparent) loss of sidewalk to a rain garden feature is the same section of sidewalk that would be naturally snow free . . . . no rain garden = no conflict with piles of snow!

  10. Sgt Stadanko says:

    This Yippee Skippee is obviously is a buffoon. Looks rather cartoonish. Some “town drunk” type uneducated lowlife that couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag. Obviously not self-supportive – either living with parents/guardian or maybe off a trust fund. Steve brings up a valid issue and this scumbag does nothing but demean. He should go back to the watering hole he crawled from and have another one and shut up!! -Sarge


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