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Sine Die at the St. Louis Board of Aldermen Today, New Session Starts Tomorrow

April 18, 2011 Board of Aldermen 4 Comments
Fred Heitert

Today is “Sine Die” at the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.  This Latin term is used, in this case, to mean the last day of session. Today is the last day in office for two aldermen not reelected: 32-year member Republican Fred Heitert (12th ward) and Democrat Bill Waterhouse (24th ward).

Not enough change for my taste.  Hopefully in 2013 we can replace 3-4 long time incumbents, Phyllis Young and Fred Wessels come to mind. At the end of their current terms they will have served 28 years. They were both sworn into office in April 1985, the year I graduated high school. Give it up guys, let someone else have a chance to lead!

Tomorrow 15 aldermen elected, and reelected, this Spring will be sworn into office.  This includes all 14 even numbered wards and one odd numbered ward. Carol Howard, elected to the 14th ward seat last fall after Stephen Gregali resigned, was elected to a full four-year term.  Freshmen aldermen are Larry Arnowitz (D-12), Scott Ogilvie (I-24) and Thomas Villa (D-11). Villa replaces Matt Villa who resigned earlier in the year to spend more time in the family business, Villa Lighting.

The following is the swearing in of odd numbered aldermen two years ago:


Lewis Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen, will be sworn into his second term tomorrow.  Thank you to Matt Villa, Bill Waterhouse and Fred Heitert for your service to the city.

– Steve Patterson


Poll: Can we elect more Independent candidates like Scott Ogilvie to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen?

Last Tuesday voters in St. Louis’ 24th ward elected Independent Scott Ogilvie rather than Democrat Tom Bauer.  In a city where the winner of the March Democratic primary is almost always the winner, the election of Ogilvie is a big deal.

Thus, the poll question this week is Can we elect more Independent candidates like Scott Ogilvie to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen?

The choices I’ve provided are:

  1. Yes, bright young candidates free of the local Democratic machine can be elected again
  2. No, won’t happen again for years
  3. Maybe, but Tom Bauer winning the Democratic primary helped Ogilvie win
  4. I hope not, we need to stick with electing Democrats
  5. Unsure/no opinion

The choices are presented randomly.  The poll is in the upper right of the site.

– Steve Patterson


Thoughts On Tuesday’s Elections


ABOVE: 24th Ward map by Scott Ogilvie, used with permission

I couldn’t be happier that independent Scott Ogilvie defeated Democrat Tom Bauer in the 24th ward with 61.46% of the vote, impressive!  Hard to say how he would have done if Waterhouse had won the Democratic primary in March. Still I’m very optimistic about the future of St. Louis based on this one race.

For those in odd numbered wards start planning to run now.  Remember redistricting may change which ward you are in.  The last time I went from being in the 13th to the 25th.  Some of you in even numbered wards may end up in an odd ward, so you could run in 2013.  I really want more independent candidates in 2013.

32 year Republican alderman Fred Heitert lost to Democrat Larry Arnowitz in the 12th ward.  Nothing personal against Heitert but he was first sworn into office in 1979.  Carter was President, disco music was popular.  He stayed in office way too long.

Thomas Villa was elected to fill the vacant seat in the 11th Ward following the resignation of Matt Villa.  Did you expect someone other than a Villa?

Voters approved five more years of the city’s earnings tax with 87.55% saying yes. Kansas City voters also approved a proposition to continue their earnings tax. Both cities have five years to evaluate their sources of revenue and their expenses to see if alternates would be any better.

Looking at the election results in St. Louis County reminds me why consolidation needs to happen — 37 pages long! The number of municipalities, school districts and fire districts is maddening. Just like in St. Louis, many of these races only have a single candidate.

State Rep Jake Zimmerman was elected accessor for St. Louis County — the first time the position has been an elected office in over 50 years.

– Steve Patterson


6th Ward Debate Tonight: Kacie Starr Triplett and Bradford Kessler

Tonight 6th ward incumbent Kacie Starr Triplet will debate challenger Bradford Kessler at the monthly meeting to the Tower Grove East neighborhood association.

ABOVE: 6th Ward candidate debate at the main library on
ABOVE: 6th Ward candidate debate at the main library on February 5, 2007.

The meeting begins at 7pm at the Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave.  Questions can be submitted for the moderator to ask the two candidates.

TGE will also announce the winning design for new neighborhood banners.

– Steve Patterson


20th Ward Endorsement: Shannon J. McGinn

This year I’m only making one primary endorsement: Shannon J. McGinn.  I’ve known Shannon, who is running in the 20th ward democratic primary against 4-term incumbent Craig Schmid and candidate Rod Yeager, for many years. I first met Shannon at the popular coffeehouse she started, Hartford Coffee.

Shannon J. McGinn
Shannon J. McGinn

I’ve known incumbent Craig Schmid nearly twice as long.  Schmid is a nice guy with the best of intentions.  Much has changed in the city since 1995, but Schmid hasn’t.  Schmid remains locked in nuisance problem removal mode rather than transitioning to attract residents & business mode.

From a recent article in the RFT:

“Her implication is that the current alderman, Craig Schmid, who’s held his post for 16 years, isn’t tapping into the needs of all his constituents in the 20th ward, one of most ethnically diverse, with a thriving Mexican community. It’s anchored by Cherokee and Chippewa streets, and bounded by Dutchtown, Marine Villa, Gravois Park and Benton Park West.” (RFT:  Shannon McGinn: Fresh-Faced Alderman Candidate, Discusses Her Campaign With RFT)

Shannon would bring a variety of real-world experience to the Board of Aldermen, including community involvement and as a former small business owner.If you are a registered voter in the city’s 20th ward please vote for Shannon J. McGinn on Tuesday March 8th.  Not a resident of the 20th ward? Consider volunteering and/or donating.

Find Shannon  online, on Facebook and  Twitter  @ShannonJMcGinn.

– Steve Patters0n