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New Boutique Hotel in Midtown Has Bicycles for Guest Use

May 28, 2011 Bicycling, Midtown Comments Off on New Boutique Hotel in Midtown Has Bicycles for Guest Use

I was excited to see the two Electra Townie bikes on a recent visit to check out the new 49-room Hotel Ignacio in midtown St. Louis. Registered guests can check out the bikes at no additional charge.

I will take a look at the pedestrian connections around the hotel next week but I couldn’t hold my excitement about the guest bikes.

– Steve Patterson


Bike To Work Day Friday May 20th

As part of National Bike Month this week is Bike to Work Week and tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. Consider getting out that bike and riding to work tomorrow:

To celebrate National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20, join Trailnet for a free continental breakfast for bike commuters at various Refueling Stations around St. Louis. Breakfast will be served 6:30 – 9:00 a.m.


Missouri History Museum: 5700 Lindell Boulevard

Creve Coeur: 12166 Conway Road

Missouri Botanical Gardens: 4344 Shaw Boulevard

Downtown St. Louis:1011 Locust

Delmar Loop: 6133 Delmar Boulevard

Central West End Station: West Pine at Euclid

Downtown Clayton: 7711 Bonhomme Avenue

Children’s Hospital: 1 Children’s Place

DeMun: 700 DeMun Avenue

Presented by: Great Rivers Greenway

In Partnership With: Bike St. Louis, Big Shark Bicycle Co., City of Creve Coeur, CIty of St. Louis, Companion Baking, Downtown Bicycle Station, Missouri Botanical Garden, Missouri History Museum, Moonrise Hotel, Pedal the Cause, and Urban Shark.

Being the critic I can’t help but notice the western bias of the fueling stations. The persons living in the Baden (north) or Carondelet (south) areas and heading to say midtown or downtown are basically out of luck.  When I lived in Dutchtown (south) I commuted by bike three days a week to I-70 & Union (north) in 1999. Come on, Children’s Hospital and Pine @ Euclid just blocks apart but nothing north and only the Botanical Gardens south.  Hopefully 2012 will see better coverage for these refueling stations.

– Steve Patterson


Readers Glad To See Bike Station & Shop Downtown

ABOVE: Downtown St. Louis Bike Station in use on Tuesday April 26, 2011

The poll (& post) last week was about downtown’s newest businesses – a bike station and bike shop:

Q: Will you use the new downtown bike station & shop?

  1. I won’t use either, but I’m glad to see they are opening 49 [32.03%]
  2. I’ll use the bike shop, but not the bike station 24 [15.69%]
  3. I’ll use both the station and shop 20 [13.07%]
  4. I won’t use either 14 [9.15%]
  5. I don’t live in St. Louis 14 [9.15%]
  6. I might use one or both 13 [8.5%]
  7. Other answer… 11 [7.19%]
  8. Unsure at this time 6 [3.92%]
  9. I’ll use the bike station, but not the bike shop 2 [1.31%]

The bike station & shop are clearly appealing to many readers, but the numbers of users is limited due to the niche nature.

Here are the eleven other answers provided by readers:

  1. Would use it if I worked Downtown
  2. the city sucks and steals ideas from young people
  3. Bike lanes are a waste of good driving lanes.
  4. I’ll drive my car and arrive to work clean and on time.
  5. I don’t live in downtown STL anymore so I no longer need a bike to commute.
  6. Already signed up as a member!
  7. I no longer live in STL, but I’ll promote both to family/friends as always.
  8. don’t use downtown
  9. nope
  10. I’d use it every day if I worked in the area.
  11. Wish there were one near Barnes

The bike station had a soft opening on the 21st.  At 10am tomorrow both the station and Urban Shark bike shop will hold their grand openings.

ABOVE: Downtown Bike Station entry is off a dead-end alley

From a September 8, 2010 press release:

The City of St. Louis applied for a Federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the Department of Energy to specifically fund this project. These funds were designated for energy-saving projects, and had to be approved by the Department of Energy. From the grant the City received, $181,600 will cover the costs to buy the lockers, interior bike racks, and fund the operational costs of the Downtown Bike Center’s first two years. The Downtown Community Improvement District and other partners will provide additional funding.

“We are building a City that provides an attractive way of life. After World War II, the car was a symbol of freedom. For some people today, it is just the opposite,” said Mayor Slay. “We look forward to working with the Downtown St. Louis CID and Loftworks to ensure the long-term success of this public bike center and the City’s cycling initiative.”

“This project will help cement Downtown as a walkable, livable neighborhood where you can rely on alternatives to the car,” said Maggie Campbell, Partnership President and CEO. “We are thrilled to be working with the community to realize this sustainable investment.”

“Since vehicle emissions contribute about a third of the Greenhouse Gasses into the environment, we wanted to use these ARRA Stimulus funds to promote an alternative mode of transportation,” said Catherine Werner, the City’s Sustainability Director. “By enabling St. Louis commuters to choose cycling as an affordable and attractive option, the City is demonstrating its commitment to being a healthy and sustainable community.”

Additional information:

– Steve Patterson




Poll: Will You Use the New Downtown Bike Station & Shop?

April 17, 2011 Bicycling, Downtown 22 Comments

Very soon downtown will have a commuter bike station and shop.

The station provides a place for cyclists who commute to shower and change clothes, leaving their bike securely parked indoors while they go off to work.  The shop will provide sales & service.

The Downtown Bicycle Station will be 1,450 square feet, offering secure 24-hour access and featuring more than 100 bike racks, showers and locker rooms, ideal for those cyclists commuting to work. This new Downtown Bicycle Station will be next to a new 3,500 square foot full service bike shop that will offer all necessary bike equipment, repairs and bike rentals. Big Shark Bicycle Co., presently located in the Delmar Loop, plans to open this 2nd location, named Urban Shark, in Downtown St. Louis before the end of the year. (source)

But the location on Locust St between 10th & 11th has me concerned it is too far west of most downtown office workers, hopefully I will be proven wrong.

ABOVE: interior of the shop nearly complete on 4/14/2011

So the poll question this week is “Will you use the new downtown bike station & shop?” As always the poll is in the upper right corner of the blog.

– Steve Patterson



Railings on ADA Ramps Aren’t Bike Racks

ABOVE: Bike locked to railing on ADA ramp at the Chase Park Plaza
ABOVE: Bike locked to railing on ADA ramp at the Chase Park Plaza

I’m not upset with the owner of this bike, they had nowhere else to safely secure their vehicle.  It is the lack of bike parking at the Chase Park Plaza that upsets me.

Most likely a “dish drainer” bike rack is stuffed in a dark corner of the parking garage, completely out of sight to the transportation cyclist. I was able to get past this bike in my power chair, but I’ve encountered times where I had less room.  But the continuous railings are there for a reason, so someone can make their way along the ramp while always holding the railing.  Break the railing with a bike and suddenly you can present a major problem for someone that needs to hold the railing.

– Steve Patterson