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Readers Think The Tour Of Missouri Was A Good Use Of Tourism Dollars

ABOVE: Tour of Missouri in St. Louis, 2009
ABOVE: Tour of Missouri in St. Louis, 2009

Last week 181 people voted in the poll:

Q: The 2010 Tour of Missouri has been canceled due to zero funding from the state, which of the following best describes your thoughts:

  1. The Tour of Missouri has been a great event, bringing money into the state economy each year — a good use of tax money 97 [53.59%]
  2. The Tour of Missouri has been a victim of fighting between Republicans and Democrats 36 [19.89%]
  3. The Tour of Missouri has been a money pit, costing more than it made — a good decision to cancel 22 [12.15%]
  4. Other answer… 14 [7.73%]
  5. Unsure/no opinion 12 [6.63%]

The (14) other answers were:

  1. If it’s so successful, they should plan for it’s financial viability.
  2. screw the bicyclists. when do I get my own lane to drive in?
  3. Killed by Nixon for a petty political vendetta. Politics at its worst.
  4. Sad…
  5. Even the Tour de France commentators said its a shame it got canceled
  6. What a shame. Where was the money spent instead? What was the return?
  7. This happened MONTHS ago. Why are you only addressing it now?
  8. Jay Nixon needs to go for this! What a joke!
  9. B and C
  10. Not sure why this can’t be privately funded, the state gave it a good start
  11. The Tour of MO should be able to fund itself by corporate donations and sponsors
  12. Tourism should have cut back to $500K or so.
  13. Not necessarily the best way to spend state money.
  14. When the economy is bad, nonessentials get cut.

– Steve Patterson


Missouri didn’t support the Tour of Missouri for 2010

The task of the Missouri Division of Tourism is to attract tourists to visit Missouri  — and leave behind some of their money in the process.

ABOVE: Tour of Missouri 2009
ABOVE: Pro cyclists in St. Louis for the start of Tour of Missouri 2009

ABOVE: Tour of Missouri 2009
ABOVE: Racing teams have lots of support staff.

Without $1 million dollars from the state, the organizers had to cancel the 2010 Tour of Missouri. The tourism budget is roughly $13 million.  The poll this week seeks your opinion on the canceling of the Tour of Missouri.  The poll is in the upper right corner.

– Steve Patterson


Readers support the rights of cyclists to use the roads

ABOVE: State Highway DD via Google Streetview
ABOVE: State Highway DD in St. Charles County. Image: Google Streetview

Readers that voted in the poll last week clearly favor the rights of bicyclist to use public roadways and thus opposing a proposed ban in St. Charles County on cycling on some state highways in the county.

Q: St Charles County is considering banning bikes from some state highways:

  1. Bikes are vehicles and have just as much right to use public roads. 114 [60.96%]
  2. Bikes are fine on local roads, but not on state highways lacking shoulders. 52 [27.81%]
  3. Bikes belong on sidewalks or trails, not roads. 13 [6.95%]
  4. Other answer… 7 [3.74%]
  5. Unsure/no opinion 1 [ 0.53%]

However, nearly 28% think cyclists have a right to the roads, but not highways lacking shoulders.  Almost 7% think cyclists belong on sidewalks and trails.  Seriously? Public roads are for vehicles and a bike is a vehicle.

The “other” answers were:

  1. Ban Cars
  2. Ban the cars and solve the obesity problem
  3. Daft Wankers!
  4. stl bikers need education on the laws – until they stop at stop signs ban bikers
  5. If a bicyclistg wants to risk life and limb on a state highway, go for it.
  6. They are state roads…St. Charles has no jurisdiction in banning bikes on them.
  7. Reduce speed limit to 35 from 55mph for the cars – why do the cars go so fast?

I’ll be interested to see how this issue plays out.

– Steve Patterson


Poll: St Charles County is considering banning bikes from some state highways

ABOVE: Bike lane on Jefferson Ave
ABOVE: Urban areas often welcome cyclists

The poll this week is about bicycling:

Q: St Charles County is considering banning bikes from some state highways

More info:

A bill that would ban bicyclists from using state highways in southwestern St. Charles County will be introduced during the St. Charles County Council’s meeting Monday night.

Councilman Joe Brazil, R-District 2, requested the bill.

“We spend millions of dollars a year on parks and trails,” Brazil said in a news release issued by the county. “The bicyclists need to stay on the trails that were made for bikes and off the roads in southwest St. Charles County.”

The proposed ordinance would prohibit bicycles on highways DD, D, F and Z and Highway 94 from its intersection with Highway 40 west to the county line. The ordinance would apply to highways that lack shoulders or bicycle lanes.  (Full story)

The poll is in the upper right hand corner.  Please vote and add any comments you have below.

– Steve Patterson


New Wendy’s on Gravois includes ADA accessible route and bike parking

A newly built Wendy’s has opened on Gravois next to the non-walkable Gravois Plaza shopping center (Dec 2004: Gravois Plaza Less Pedestrian-Friendly than previous center).  The Wendy’s replaces a former Shoney’s restaurant most recently used as a daycare facility (map)

gravoisplazawendysNaturally the Wendy’s is your typical cheap suburban (auto centric) design — far from the street, surrounded by too much parking, etc.  Something you’d expect off a freeway exit ramp but not what I’d want in an urban context.  Although as we keep building more of this crap our once walkable urban neighborhoods will look just like the ugly ring around the outside of our region and most regions in America.

I watched the build the location and I fully expected them to not include an accessible route from the public sidewalk on Gravois. I got a pleasant surprise when they did do the minimum required by the ADA.  I’ve seen too many fast food joints pop up that completely ignore the requirement.

A bonus is a bike rack that can hold three bikes.  Although the rack design is not my favorite because it is hard to secure a bike in two places, it was installed right out front where it is easily seen and used.

– Steve Patterson