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Mt. Pleasant Skate Rink

February 16, 2005 25th Ward 4 Comments

I drive past Mt. Pleasant Park all the time since I live in an adjacent block. I snapped a few pictures yesterday just before 5pm. It was clouding up but the temperature was still great for February. But where were the kids in their skate gear?


The fact is, I have yet to see a single person – kid or adult – skating here. What I have noticed is in a few short months we are already getting areas where mud & water collect.


In another area leaves & debris are collecting. Who is responsible to keep this clean? Asphalt as a material needs maintenance – regular sealing and eventually a new layer added or the old replaced.

Where did the idea for this come from? How long had this been in the works before construction started?

This morning I made a written request to Marjorie Melton who is the President of the Board of Public Service to find out the total cost of the project. As soon as I get a response I will pass along the costs of this project to the public.

– Steve


Save the Date – it is Time to Debate!

February 16, 2005 25th Ward 3 Comments

It looks as though various neighborhood leaders have managed to organize a debate between my opponent, Dorothy Kirner, and myself. The League of Women Voters will supply a moderator.

At this point the date is set for Tuesday March 1st – exactly one week prior to the March 8th primary. The time will be 7pm-9pm and location will most likely be the Gretchen Inn banquet facility on Meramec – adjacent to the related Feasting Fox.

Format and questions have not yet been determined at this point. I am open to any format the League of Women Voters determines is best for this race. Stayed tuned for more details as they become known.

– Steve


Small Percentage of People Voted in June

February 15, 2005 25th Ward 2 Comments

From the FYI file…

In June 2004 a special election was held to fill the 25th Ward Aldermanic seat. A grand total of 456 people voted. Forty-two were by absentee ballot – leaving only 414 taking the time to vote on election day.

At the time of the special election we had 5,827 registered voters. With 456 ballots cast, less than 8% of the eligible voters did so. Hardly overwhelming turnout.

Here was the final breakdown:
• Republican Francis Wildhaber: 93 votes
• Democrat Dorothy Kirner: 363 votes

What was really interesting to me is the precinct by precinct turnout. The two precincts East of Grand had 5.45% & 5.72% turnout (01 & 04, respectively) while the two precincts West of Grand had a much better turn out – 8.78% in the 2nd precinct and 9.54% in the 3rd precinct.

We’ll have to wait until March 9th to see the results of the March 8th election.

– Steve


Not Trying to Get the Ward Endorsement

February 15, 2005 25th Ward 5 Comments

Wednesday February 16th will be the 25th Ward Endorsement meeting. I can tell you today – the day before – I will not be getting the endorsement of the ward committee. I don’t have the support of the “establishment” and frankly I sleep better at night knowing so.

At last count we had 26 paid voting members. Elected officials that represent some or all of the 25th Ward are also eligible to vote. For example, three different State Representatives – Mike Daus, Tom Villa and Jeanette Mott Oxford – are all eligible to vote in our ward endorsement. Since they will all presumably be in Jefferson City giving the Republican majority a hard time they won’t be able to attend the meeting. But, not to worry.

I know one Representative received a ballot this weekend. It was delivered to the Rep’s house in person. One might think the Committeeman (Norman Sutterer) or Committeewoman (Maggie Lampe) would run around and take care of such things? Well, not in the 25th. My opponent, Dorothy Kirner, delivered the ward endorsement ballot to the Missouri State Rep I spoke with.

Again, I don’t expect to get the ward endorsement so the final result will not be anything unexpected. I’m going to predict 4-6 votes for me.

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– Steve


So What are the Boundaries of the 25th Ward?

February 14, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

Everyone has been asking for a map of the 25th ward so here it is:

As you can see the edges of the ward are a bit cut up from block to block. If you’ve got friends or family in the 25th ward be sure to send them a link to my website.

Thank you!

– Steve