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Mt. Pleasant Skate Rink

February 16, 2005 25th Ward 4 Comments

I drive past Mt. Pleasant Park all the time since I live in an adjacent block. I snapped a few pictures yesterday just before 5pm. It was clouding up but the temperature was still great for February. But where were the kids in their skate gear?


The fact is, I have yet to see a single person – kid or adult – skating here. What I have noticed is in a few short months we are already getting areas where mud & water collect.


In another area leaves & debris are collecting. Who is responsible to keep this clean? Asphalt as a material needs maintenance – regular sealing and eventually a new layer added or the old replaced.

Where did the idea for this come from? How long had this been in the works before construction started?

This morning I made a written request to Marjorie Melton who is the President of the Board of Public Service to find out the total cost of the project. As soon as I get a response I will pass along the costs of this project to the public.

– Steve


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  1. rick says:

    As far as where the idea came from, it probably came from looking at other city parks where these facilities have been installed in the last few years. From what I’ve seen, they are popular and have been very well-received.

    Off the top of my head, I know the city has installed these same styled rinks at Lindenwood Park, Wilmore Park, and Tilles Park. Some have lights and folks from kids to adults skate on them till 10 o’clock at nite.

    Compared to the rink that was installed a few years ago on the Grand side of Fairground Park, these new roller hockey styled rinks are much higher quality. Use of the roller hockey rinks is highest during the summer time.

    For what its worth, I’ve never seen anyone skate on the Fairground Park rink in all the years its been there.


  2. Dionna says:

    Sad..sad… Looks like a lot of money spent on something that no one is using.

  3. jim3 says:

    A complete waste of money. While granted that there were probably restrictions placed on the type of project that the money could go towards, there certainly could have been more input/communication.

    On another note, I hope Steve, once elected, can spearhead some sort of organization that is dedicated to getting something done. The strongest neighborhoods have the strongest neighborhood organizations.

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