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Veronica O’Brien for St. Louis School Board

February 21, 2005 25th Ward Comments Off on Veronica O’Brien for St. Louis School Board

I want to take a minute out of my own campaign to advocate the re-election of Veronica O’Brien to the St. Louis School Board. She was appoint by Mayor Slay last May and she has proven to be an independent thinker.

I have personally known Veronica for all 14 years that I have lived in St. Louis as she is my insurance agent. I can say she is responsive and professional. She is also a smart businesswoman. I have every confidence she is what the School Board needs to elevate our schools to an acceptable level.

Click here for the Veronica O’Brien website.


Latest Flyer Available Online – “The Numbers Tell The Story”

February 20, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

Our latest campaign flyer is available in PDF format. This flyer, the second in a series, addresses how the 25th ward came in dead last among all city wards in bricks & mortar investment over the last four years. Click here for previous post on this subject.

Click here to see the flyer. Feel free to print it out or email to friends & neighbors.

– Steve


St. Louis’ Scooter Ordinance Behind the Times

February 19, 2005 25th Ward 2 Comments

St. Louis’ ordinance on the scooters kids are riding around is seriously outdated. Signed into law in January 2001 the ordinance addressed a very specific type of scooter on the market at that time.

We’ve seen a whole new breed of mini scooters come onto the market since then. We must keep up with changes in the market and technology or we find our legislation is out of touch with current times.

From the ordinance:

For purposes of this ordinance a “motorized scooter” shall mean any two-wheeled device that has handlebars, is designed to be stood upon by the operator, and is powered by a motor that is capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion at a speed of not more than 25 miles per hour.

The key phase in the definition is “designed to be stood upon by the operator.” The picture below is the type of scooter that meets the definition of the ordinance.


But in the four years since this ordinance was passed scooters have changed. First, makers have added seats to this skateboard type of scooter. With the seat added they no longer meet the definition listed above:


Mini motorcycles or “pocket bikes” as they are known on the street have become the new trend. These pose even more danger as the operator sits on the small bikes and is even less visible than someone standing on the type above.



These also seem to have more power than earlier models. Maintaining control, due to the seated position, is even harder. This is a case where someone smaller and younger is actually better suited to the device. But, it is the older juveniles and young adults that we see riding these pocket bikes.

We need to address these new dangers on our streets. Also, we need to make sure City Hall stays in touch with current technology and changing markets.

Click here to read the full ordinance.

– Steve


Getting Connected – the first step

February 18, 2005 25th Ward 3 Comments

One of my priorities as Alderman would be to get DSL coverage for all of the 25th Ward and the entire City of St. Louis. We cannot expect to compete with other city wards and the region without offering such a basic service to residents and businesses. Right now residents both West and East of Grand cannot get DSL.

I suspect SBC looked at demographics and decided our household incomes didn’t justify the expense of adding another switching station. We need to demonstrate sufficient demand to make the expense at the very least a break even proposition for SBC.

To that end I’ve been on SBC’s list for over 3 years. Every couple of months I get an email from them saying service is still not available for my phone number. But, they know I’m still interested. At times when I’ve been on the phone with SBC I’ve made it a point to remind them I’d love their DSL service but can’t get it.

Click here to go to SBC’s residential page where you can enter your phone number to check DSL availability in your area. Please get on their list to show your interest. You are under no obligation to get DSL when it becomes available. If you have multiple phone numbers or say a business in the area enter every number.

The first step is to show interest and the second step is for the Board of Aldermen to apply political pressure to get coverage for the entire City of St. Louis. We’ve got to show SBC we are here and that we matter too!

– Steve


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

February 17, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

By a vote of 26-4 the 25th Ward Democratic Club endorsed the incumbent, a former Committeewoman, at last night’s ward meeting. Nobody should be surprised.

In the Mayor’s race Francis Slay received a similar majority of votes with Irene J. Smith and Bill Haas each getting a few votes (sorry – don’t have the exact numbers).

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