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Not Trying to Get the Ward Endorsement

February 15, 2005 25th Ward 5 Comments

Wednesday February 16th will be the 25th Ward Endorsement meeting. I can tell you today – the day before – I will not be getting the endorsement of the ward committee. I don’t have the support of the “establishment” and frankly I sleep better at night knowing so.

At last count we had 26 paid voting members. Elected officials that represent some or all of the 25th Ward are also eligible to vote. For example, three different State Representatives – Mike Daus, Tom Villa and Jeanette Mott Oxford – are all eligible to vote in our ward endorsement. Since they will all presumably be in Jefferson City giving the Republican majority a hard time they won’t be able to attend the meeting. But, not to worry.

I know one Representative received a ballot this weekend. It was delivered to the Rep’s house in person. One might think the Committeeman (Norman Sutterer) or Committeewoman (Maggie Lampe) would run around and take care of such things? Well, not in the 25th. My opponent, Dorothy Kirner, delivered the ward endorsement ballot to the Missouri State Rep I spoke with.

Again, I don’t expect to get the ward endorsement so the final result will not be anything unexpected. I’m going to predict 4-6 votes for me.

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– Steve


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  1. Dustin Bopp says:

    Isn’t the 25th Ward Democratic Committee basically just a club to pass on the establishment’s torch? Steve, you said there are 26 members. That seems unbelievably lopsided for a ward that has, I believe, over 6,000 registered voters. I hope the average voter takes their endorsement with a grain of salt and makes up his or her own mind. I hope everyone asks themselves the question whether such a small group is worth listening to. It looks like smoke and mirrors to me.

  2. Concerned Neighbor says:

    The Ward organization is a joke. First they change the date of the meeting to accomodate Francis Slay (who is one of many running in his race). Then they covertly pass out ballots outside of the meeting time. The same thing happened during the August primary when Alderwoman Kirner packed the meeting to get her candidates endorsed.

    It’s a good thing none of this matters. What matters is people want change and an upgraded neighborhood, and they know Kirner can’t deliver.

  3. dionna says:

    Sounds a little bit sneaky if you ask me. I just hope you get the votes you deserve- the 25th ward needs your help, and I know you will work hard for your neighbors!

  4. B says:

    Placed three calls to Dorothy about various small problems that she should have been able to handle. Not only weren’t they handled but no calls were returned!

    It’s time for a fresh start!

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