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Room with A View

Well, I’m no longer in St. Louis. One of my brothers picked me up Friday morning to drive me to Missouri Rehabilitation Center located in Mt. Vernon Missouri. It took us forever to get out of St Louis due to flooding related delays along I-44.

Mt. Vernon is a small town in SW Missouri — between Springfield & Joplin — pop. 4,000 in 2000. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The highway exit is like most — truck stops and fast food. I’ve stopped at the exit before on road trips back to Oklahoma.

We headed right through the small but cute downtown which is anchored by the Lawrence county courthouse — an impressive stone structure. Mo Rehab – is located at 600 N Main — from the 5th floor we’ve got great views of the courthouse. My room has two large widow — looking NE — toward St. louis — I’ve got a nice view of a park and can enjoy the sunrise each morning.

In my time here I will get out to see the town. They are getting new sidewalks at this time —- all with ramps. This facility is very important to the town and getting patients out in the real world is very important to the rehab process. Thus, ADA sidewalks are a must.


Video in Rehab

March 20, 2008 Steve Patterson 9 Comments

A few days ago Antonio French of Pubdef paid me a visit and I asked him to bring his video Camera along. Check out the video below. The therapist helping me walk is Debbie — she works miracles. My first day I worked with Debbie and Sh’voyne — it took both of them to walk me at first.

Steve Patterson Recovering from His Stroke from PubDef on Vimeo.


Leaving St. Louis

March 19, 2008 Steve Patterson 7 Comments

Friday morning I head to my next stage —-   a long-term rehab facility in outstate Missouri.   When I return it should be back home.  I will post and return email as I can.  Keep The guest posts coming.  Thanks to Marcia, Dustin and so many others for their help.


Up & Eating

March 16, 2008 Steve Patterson 12 Comments

Afew days ago I shared A horrible picture of myself when I was in ICU (view post).  Well below is a much better time.

Saturday night my good friend Marcia and I shared a pizza from Piazza della Pizzeria – in the lounge on my floor at St. Mary’s.  Unlike when I first arrived at rehab, I was able to sit upright and maintain my own balance- not an easy task. the excellent staff assisted me into the chair, but I can now stand on my own rather than having to be lifted to get vertical.

I know that in time people will again see me walking around taking pictures of bad development practices.


Thinking of Marti

March 14, 2008 Steve Patterson 14 Comments

As you all know by now, I had a stroke last month. I thought i’d answer some questions I know many of you have. this all started on the 1st of Feb. i was at home and got a headache. i started to lay down but then got up to take some aspirin. when doing so i realized I could not remain standing. I lowered mself to the floor so I would not fall.

I pulled myself around on the floor hoping to get to mr cell. i began some serious projectile vomitting. the next morning a good friend let herself into my place and she called 911. i ended up in ICU @SLU (image above).When this struck, my thoughts turned to Marti frumoff whodied last year.

i am so grateful to be alive and doing well in the rehab therapy. – steve

please excuse typos above as I am typing this myself using only my right hand.