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Video in Rehab

March 20, 2008 Steve Patterson 9 Comments

A few days ago Antonio French of Pubdef paid me a visit and I asked him to bring his video Camera along. Check out the video below. The therapist helping me walk is Debbie — she works miracles. My first day I worked with Debbie and Sh’voyne — it took both of them to walk me at first.

Steve Patterson Recovering from His Stroke from PubDef on Vimeo.


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  1. Tom Shrout says:

    Hi Steve,

    Nice video. (What about getting the burrito without the sour cream???)

    Good luck in recovery.

    On another topic, we have 40 people registered for WeCar in the downtown core. Most are residents although HOK has 8 employees signed up. We are helping Enterprise build the business. Need ideas and groups for them to get in front of.

    Again, keep on the therapy. Great progress.


  2. Richard Kenney says:

    Your friend who filmed/edited this piece for you did a great job. Years from now when you’re doing cartwheels on the lawn, this will be a great reminder of how far you’ve come.

  3. toby says:

    All endeavors are affected by mental attitude; positive attitude equals manifesting positive results. You are the poster boy for Accentuate The Positive. Even though it’s hard, you make it look easy. Your entire journey should be shared with similar patients as the ultimate inspiration.
    Oh, and it’s sweet to hear positive things about medical professionals, for a change!

  4. Pam Lanning says:

    Hey Steve
    You’re looking good.
    Miss seeing you around town.
    Take care.

  5. Dionna says:


    Keep up the GREAT work……
    We’re so proud of you and your awesome progress.
    Antonio- thanks for putting this together. It’s a real nice view into the
    current life of our dear friend.

  6. Randy says:

    To paraphrase a favorite state song of mine, “You’re doing fine, Steven Patterson….Steven Patterson’s OK”. Seriously, much thanks should go to Steve’s diligence and hard work, the SSM care givers, Steve’s St. Louis support system (especially the close friends like Marcia, Lois and Dustin), the blog cheer leaders and the mighty prayer warriors, all who have rallied around Steve’s effort to regain function and independence. And thanks many to Antonio for capturing Steve in his daily setting, which really demonstrates how far he has come in just a few weeks. And having just witnessed the caring environment of Missouri Rehab in Mt. Vernon, I just know that Steve is going to continue to progress and provide us with many more great updates. Go Steve, Go!
    We love you much.

    [slp — and thanks back to you Randy for coming to St. Louis to transport me. FYI — the song Randy paraphrased is the Oklahoma state song. ]

  7. Tracey Pollard says:

    Steve –
    So good to see you doing so well! It looks like you are in good hands in Mt. Vernon. Mom and I have had you in our prayers. Just wanted you to know we were thinking of you. Keep up the good work!

  8. Kim Kropp says:


    It’s so good to see you up and about. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your recovery!


  9. sh'voyne says:

    hey steve!!
    glad things to know things are going well for you. keep working hard!!


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