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Room with A View

March 22, 2008 Steve Patterson, Travel 12 Comments

Well, I’m no longer in St. Louis. One of my brothers picked me up Friday morning to drive me to Missouri Rehabilitation Center located in Mt. Vernon Missouri. It took us forever to get out of St Louis due to flooding related delays along I-44.

Mt. Vernon is a small town in SW Missouri — between Springfield & Joplin — pop. 4,000 in 2000. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The highway exit is like most — truck stops and fast food. I’ve stopped at the exit before on road trips back to Oklahoma.

We headed right through the small but cute downtown which is anchored by the Lawrence county courthouse — an impressive stone structure. Mo Rehab – is located at 600 N Main — from the 5th floor we’ve got great views of the courthouse. My room has two large widow — looking NE — toward St. louis — I’ve got a nice view of a park and can enjoy the sunrise each morning.

In my time here I will get out to see the town. They are getting new sidewalks at this time —- all with ramps. This facility is very important to the town and getting patients out in the real world is very important to the rehab process. Thus, ADA sidewalks are a must.


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  1. boml says:

    Good luck, Steve. I hope you’re out walking on those sidewalks soon, and back in St. Louis before too long.

  2. john w. says:

    You’ll have to find the local pizza delivery service.

    [slp –lol, that was one of mt first questions.  Mazzio’s was the answer  — they have a decent deep dish.]

  3. Jim Zavist says:

    Interesting construction photo / slightly-fenced construction site – what are they building – new county offices? And what’s a town of 2,000 doing with a 5-story (+?) rehab facility?!
    Good luck on your rehab – great to see you posting again!

    [slp — tallest buildings in town!  This facility has been here for 100 years — although this 6-story building looks like it dates to the 60s.  I’m not sure what they are building on main —- I will find out. ] 

  4. Margie says:

    Go Steve! You are well on your way to recovery. Can’t wait to see you back in St. Louis soon. Your progress is simply amazing!


  5. OneShoePam says:

    It’s funny how your passion for ADA sidewalks have come into play for you….

  6. Mike says:

    Glad to hear your voice and see some of your always thought-provoking photographs. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Gina says:

    Hang in there Steve – keep lookin’ left! It was great to hear your voice and see the rehab video – thanks for giving us all a glimpse.

    Watch out for those curb cuts, even the good looking ones can be hazardous…

  8. cz says:


    I am amazed at your progress! Simply astounding (coming from someone whose dad had a mini-stroke once & had to re-figure his speaking). And I can’t believe you’re already posting about ADA sidewalks. But of course, it’s what your fans expect! 😉
    Work hard.

  9. LisaS says:

    Mazzio’s … haven’t had that since leaving small-town Arkansas almost 20 years ago ….
    Keep up the great work, Steve!!

    [slp – they were all over Oklahoma when I was a kid — we’d go there on a regular basis. Pizza Inn too.]

  10. Jason says:


    I was wondering- do you get state or national historic tax credits for your rehabilitation? Hah.. Glad to hear you are progressing nicely and I look forward to your return to STL.


  11. stlmark says:

    Get well soon, I can’t wait to read your take on Centene/BPV.

  12. Vicki Mabrey says:

    Glad you’re up and about — even if ‘about’ means out of St Louis… for a while.
    You’ll map a whole new area, then return home –we who love your site are just glad to have you back ANYWHERE……..


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