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Gettin’ Downtown With Ozzie Monday April 25th

April 22, 2011 Downtown, Events/Meetings, Homeless Comments Off on Gettin’ Downtown With Ozzie Monday April 25th
ABOVE: banner of Washington Ave advertising the 4/25 event at Ozzie's (1511 Washington Ave)

Monday (4/25/2011) from 5pm-9pm is your chance to meet former St. Louis Cardinal Ozzie Smith and raise money to assist an organization providing needed meals & services for the homeless and at-risk persons, proceeds benefit The Bridge.

ABOVE: for many The Bridge at 1610 Olive means a warm meal and use of a phone or computer

Both Ozzie’s and The Bridge are neighbors of mine, I can even see the latter from my balcony.

– Steve Patterson


General Election on Tuesday

ABOVE: Candidates filing for office at the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners, November 2010

Tuesday is general election day in much of the region, here ere a couple of links to help you find what you will see on your ballot:

In the city I’ll be rooting for independent Scott Olgilvie over former 24th alderman Tom Bauer (he was previously recalled by voters). I also anticipate the passage of Proposition E to retain the earnings tax for the next five years.

In the county I will be watching the contest for Assessor, which hasn’t been an elected position in years.  In Florissant they have a six-way race for mayor, I happen to know two of them: Andrew G. Podleski and Susan M. Geerling.

– Steve Patterson


Results of Reader’s Poll on St. Louis’ Mardi Gras

March 16, 2011 Events/Meetings 3 Comments

img_0162Last week readers voted in the poll, indicating if they participated in Mardi Gras festivities:

Q: Did you participate in Mardi Gras festivities in Soulard on Saturday?

  1. No, not my thing 54 [29.19%]
  2. Yes, what a blast! 48 [25.95%]
  3. No, used to go but not interested anymore 33 [17.84%]
  4. No, don’t live in St. Louis – would be there if I did! 17 [9.19%]
  5. Other answer… 15 [8.11%]
  6. Yes, used to be more fun though 7 [3.78%]
  7. Yes, not going back again 5 [2.7%]
  8. No, don’t live in St. Louis – wouldn’t go even if I did! 3 [1.62%]
  9. Who is this Marty person? 3 [1.62%]

The other answers were:

  1. Not this year due to weather
  2. Yes, live in the neighborhood, couldn’t leave our property, Good first time
  3. i like boobs but not those nasty flap jacks
  4. Not this year, but might go in the future.
  5. No, I don’t want to hang out with violently drunk hoosiers from Arnold
  6. No, but wanted to go. (out of town)
  7. Yes. I live there and couldn’t help it
  8. no but will in the future!!
  9. No, just had a baby, but would’ve been there if I could.
  10. busy with other stuff
  11. Yes, but it was FREEZING. I worked a beer booth and then left.
  12. No thanks. Drunken hoosiers aren’t my cup of tea.
  13. Would like to go but just haven’t made it yet…weather keeps me away usual
  14. No, too many drunk hoosiers with no attachment to the neighborhood/city.
  15. No – I was working 🙁

Clearly I should have had more options in the poll.

– Steve Patterson


Poll: Did You Participate in Mardi Gras Festivities in Soulard?

img_0162As always, the weekly poll is located in the upper right corner of the blog.  The topic this week is the annual Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.  Did you go?  Why or why not?

ABOVE: ah romance!
ABOVE: ah romance!

My last time was 2006, I was there for 12 hours!  Had a great time but I didn’t return because, for me, one day of drunken debauchery in my life was enough. But I want to know your thoughts on this popular annual event.

– Steve Patterson


6th Ward Debate Tonight: Kacie Starr Triplett and Bradford Kessler

Tonight 6th ward incumbent Kacie Starr Triplet will debate challenger Bradford Kessler at the monthly meeting to the Tower Grove East neighborhood association.

ABOVE: 6th Ward candidate debate at the main library on
ABOVE: 6th Ward candidate debate at the main library on February 5, 2007.

The meeting begins at 7pm at the Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave.  Questions can be submitted for the moderator to ask the two candidates.

TGE will also announce the winning design for new neighborhood banners.

– Steve Patterson