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Former Alderwoman Still Using Board of Alderman ‘Official Business’ Placard

August 31, 2009 25th Ward, Board of Aldermen, Parking, Politics/Policy 8 Comments

A personal friend of mine, last week on Monday August 24th, spotted former 25th Alderwoman Dorothy Kirner park at a parking meter and place an “official business” placard upon the dashboard of her Ford Escort before going inside without feeding said parking meter.

Kirner defeated me in the March 2005 Democratic primary election for Board of Alderman for the 25th Ward.  She did not seek re-election in the 2009 race.  Shane Cohn was sworn into office as the new Alderman for the 25th Ward in April 2009.

Above you can see the placard placed on the dash.

These placards are issue to elected officials for, well, official business.  I’m not sure what official business a former Alderperson is conducting for the Board of Aldermen.  Could it be she expects to continue receiving the perks of the office she no longer holds?

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Jimmy Z says:

    Simple solution – add/require an expiration date / make it an annual permit.

  2. insider says:

    Does she even need one?

  3. Chris says:


  4. Jeff says:

    Send this to Eliot Davis…he has already been on her case for all of the pork projects she tried to run through before leaving office.

  5. Was the meter paid?

    [slp — no, the meter was not paid.]

  6. Dustin Bopp says:

    I think this begs another question: why are there meters at this location anyway? Meramec Street was once a vibrant commercial district but unfortunately that was DECADES ago. What is the Parking Division’s criteria for maintaining and reevaluating the placement of parking meters city-wide. I don’t think removing the meters would all of a sudden spur an economic boon for the area and perhaps it lends a bit of perceived demand but I see no need to inconvenience the public and charge them for something where there is no need.

  7. Mark Groth says:

    At least she’s not using the city car wash.

  8. samizdat says:

    The theme music for “Cool Hand Luke” is running through my head as I imagine a solution to Dustin Bopp’s problem with meters on Meramec. Anyone have a large, hand-held pipe cutter?


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