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City Equipment Blocks Sidewalk Near SLU Campus

August 29, 2009 Accessibility, Midtown, SLU 3 Comments

Yesterday, while driving home from the doctor, I spotted this equipment sitting on the sidewalk along Olive at Compton (map link):

In the background is a corner of the Saint Louis University campus.  Behind me, to the East, is several restaurants that cater to SLU students. Between the two is equipment used in monitoring traffic counts.  Someone had to make the decision it was OK to place this device on the sidewalk, in the way of pedestrians.  Able bodied students can walk around but the more our pedestrian spaces are compromised the less likely we are to walk from place to place.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Adam says:

    that one looks a little heavy, but i usually just move them off the sidewalk (like those portable “construction ahead” signs and such). the people who place them there – it never even crosses their minds that a wheelchair might be forced into the street. or else they don’t care.

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    I had similar concerns a couple of weeks ago around Manchester and McCausland, with changeable message signs being placed on sidewalks for the new I-64 project, which I expressed on their comment line. This is the response I received: “Thank you for sharing this concern with us. We do try to avoid putting CMS boards on sidewalks. We will check on the boards at McCausland and Manchester and see what we can do. Thank you, I-64 Community Relations”. They’re gone now.

    Unfortunately, the big priority seems to be making sure that no traffic lanes are blocked, and that sidewalks are “just” some convenient, publicly-owned, hard concrete areas “that’ll work for a few days” and no one will notice or be affected. This might be true in rural areas and even in some suburbs, but, by definition, urban areas have pedestrians. In many cases, like this one, just asking the adjacent property owner nicely will get you permission to put the equipment in a little-used part of their parking lot . . .

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