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Transgender Persons Should Be Free To Use The Public Restroom That Matches Their Gender Identity

July 6, 2016 Featured, Popular Culture 1 Comment

Some of the comments in the recent non-scientific Sunday Poll illustrate the lack of understanding and compassion for those people with gender identity dysphoria. Just like my farther knew in the 1930s that he was left-handed, and I knew in the 1970s I was gay, those with gender identity dysphoria know from an early age their physical body doesn’t match who they are.

Zoey was born male, but she transitioned to female at a young age
Zoey was born male, but she transitioned to female at a young age

Here are some excellent news stories:

Just a decade or so ago kids were told to accept the gender they were born with. Years later, as adults, they might eventually transition — if they didn’t kill themselves first. Thankfully, most parents today are helping their kids be themselves.

So-called “bathroom bills” introduced by social conservatives in states such as Arizona, Maryland, Kentucky and Florida typically mandate that people use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate. That’s a marker that is difficult for most transgender people to change, as well as one that, for them, is a bureaucratic indicator decided by someone else that should not be weighed against their innate sense of self. Just a handful of states have “modernization” processes that make it easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates. Some in the community have protested by taking selfies in the bathrooms that they would have to use under such laws, highlighting how those spaces don’t jibe with their appearance or their feelings. (Time: Everything You Need to Know About the Debate Over Transgender People and Bathrooms)

As I indicated in the post on Sunday, a century ago society was worried about men & women being in a swimming pool at the same time. Today we realize just how silly that was. It’s also silly to male these kids use the bathroom for the gender they were born with. The U.S, population is over 323 million people — less than 700k are transgender. They just want to live their lives.

The irrational fear than a transgender person is going to molest anyone in a bathroom is just ridiculous. The ones to watch are often clergy:

The poll was far more popular than usual, but the percentages stayed roughly the same throughout the 12-hour voting period.

Q: Agree or disagree: Transgender persons should be free to use the public restroom that matches their gender identity.

  • Strongly agree 81 [71.05%]
  • Agree 13 [11.4%]
  • Somewhat agree 2 [1.75%]
  • Neither agree or disagree 1 [0.88%]
  • Somewhat disagree 1 [0.88%]
  • Disagree 4 [3.51%]
  • Strongly disagree 10 [8.77%]
  • Unsure/No Answer 2 [1.75%]

Just she of 3/4 agree, while less than 15% disagreed.

In my 30+ years as an out gay man I’ve met many who are transgender. When I was younger I didn’t fully understand it. Back then they had transitioned well past puberty, not always convincing — but they were happy being themselves finally. Others, like Chaz Bono and Caitlyn Jenner, also transitioned post-puberty but medical advancements are giving them the body/appearance they’ve always wanted.

Expecting parents — just because the ultrasound tells you a gender, please consider a gender-neutral nursery. Your child will know his/her own gender.

— Steve Patterson


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    I don’t care who uses what bathroom as long as they wash their hands!


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