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Sunday Poll: Which GOP Candidate for Missouri Governor Do You Think Will Win Their August Primary?

July 10, 2016 Featured, Missouri, Politics/Policy, Sunday Poll 4 Comments
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A big primary is coming up on Tuesday August 2nd. Among the many offices up for grabs is that of Missouri governor. There are four candidates on both the Democratic & Republican ballots, but it’s almost certain AG Koster will win the 4-way Democratic primary. Who he will face in the November 8th general election is anybody’s guess.

From the Washington Post back in April:

2. Missouri (D) OPEN: Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon is term-limited, and Democrats are turning to state Attorney General Chris Koster, a former Republican, to keep the mansion in Democratic hands. It’s going to be tough, given Missouri’s governor’s race is a toss-up in a state that, notably, has voted for the Republican candidate for president since 2000. But Koster’s chances are getting better with each passing day that Republicans muddle through a primary with four solid candidates, all of them viable: Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, former state House speaker Catherine Hanaway, former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens, and businessman and former Senate candidate John Brunner. Each has their own advantage, whether it be money or résumé. As such, the August Republican primary risks damaging the eventual nominee just two months before the general election. In addition, all of them have to be careful to avoid any political third rails when it comes to controversial legislation to give businesses and individuals the right to refuse service to same-sex couples. (Some of Missouri’s biggest businesses are opposed to the law.) If this seat does go red, Republicans have good reason to think it will stay that way for a while. But Missouri voters are famously hard to pin down, and they have a few more months to watch Republicans battle it out. (Washington Post: The top 5 governors races in 2016)

If you’ve watched any television in the last month you’ve been bombarded by ad after ad. But if you’ve missed the ads, here are the most recent for each, in ballot order:

Not that I’m a fan of Koster, but I want the least electable GOP candidate to win the primary. But my want is different than who I think will actually win. So I’m putting the question to you:

The responses are shown in random order, the non-scientific poll will close at 8pm tonight. If I see evidence of a campaign to significantly alter the results I’ll close the poll early.

— Steve Patterson



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  1. Justin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Steve. Some pretty funny ads here.

    I got a good laugh when Kinder said “Our children are threatened” and displayed a sign that said “All gender bathroom”, as if that should be our biggest worry when considering the safety of our children. Seems pretty deluded.

  2. gmichaud says:

    The republicans are so out of it, they are all losers. I mean really from watching their ads you would think shooting fucking guns is the biggest accomplishment of the Republicans in the last 30 years, that along with stopping abortion. This is while who “cares” about the people who are living. Hence attempts to find ways to get better health care to Missourians is dumped.
    Yeah, real assholes.
    Personally I’m tired of their bullshit. The Democrats are only a few steps better as they sell out to the highest bidder also.
    That is the game now, sell to the highest bidder, the source of policy decisions.
    America 2016.

      • gmichaud says:

        Good link, I think he pretty well nails it. We have to start doing something different here in St. Louis, the lack of awareness by the elites is hard to believe. The problem is there isn’t even a hint of discussion of any this except here and a few blogs. The power brokers, including the media, in the city either don’t have a clue (despite their desire to pretend they are knowledgeable about art). Either that are they don’t care. Whatever it is the people of St Louis are paying a price now and will so in the future. Good link though, summarizes the issues nicely. If only there was the leadership in St. Louis to express these concerns


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