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8th & Market: Vehicle Stop Line Where Pedestrians Should Cross 8th Street, No Marked Crosswalk

May 24, 2016 Downtown, Featured, Walkability 8 Comments

Last week, while we were out at 8th & Market. I noticed another design flaw in St. Louis’ pedestrian network.

There's a green light but no pedestrian signal, but that's not the main problem
There’s a green light but no pedestrian signal, but that’s not the main problem
The vehicle stop line is in direct conflict with the unmarked crosswalk
The vehicle stop line is in direct conflict with the unmarked crosswalk

This is between Citygarden and Ballpark Village/Busch Stadium. The stop line and markings are recent. The detectable warnings on the sidewalk/ramp are there to help guide the visually disabled. Vehicles must stop before the stop line — but pedestrians and vehicles can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

This conflict occurs more than you think, because many of downtown’s signalized intersections fail to have marked crosswalks. If a crosswalk were marked it would’ve been obvious the vehicle stop line would be back where the Buick is in the second image.

In the 11+ years I’ve been doing this blog at least two downtown traffic studies have been done. To my knowledge, no pedestrian study has ever been conducted.  Another example of nobody paying attention to what they’re doing.


— Steve Patterson


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  1. Riggle says:

    So. Is that ped coordinator just a mythical creature?


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