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Sunday Poll: Should The St. Louis Cardinals Become Missouri’s Official Baseball Team?

April 3, 2016 Featured, Missouri, Popular Culture, Sunday Poll 5 Comments

Each year legislators in Jefferson City introduce many bills. One recent bill recently received national attention:

A bill in the Missouri House of Representatives would make the St. Louis Cardinals the state’s official baseball team. (KMOV)

House Bill 2831 was introduced by State Rep Courtney Allen Curtis (D-73). This district is in North St. Louis County. Missouri has two Major League Baseball (MLB) team: the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals.

Please vote below
Please vote below

Here’s today’s poll:

The poll will be open until 8pm.  Wednesday I’ll discuss the results and my thoughts.

— Steve Patterson



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  1. Mark-AL says:

    Is this another April Fool’s question? If not, I’ve definitely missed something in the news. Anyway, to declare the beloved Cardinals the official baseball team of MO is an overt slap in KC’s face, and in the face of every other Missourian who may not be an avid Cardinals fan. And who’s to say for sure that the Cardinals will be flying around ST Louis a decade from now? St Louis supports a winner, and let’s hope the Cardinals remain winners! Surely Rep. Curtis (the good Democrat that he must be) can see, along with others, that the State of Missouri has a whole bunch of higher-level priorities to deal with—can’t he?

  2. Dblarsen314 says:

    What a waste and distraction from things our reps should be focusing on…

  3. Andy says:

    I love the Cards but this is dumb.


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