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Unfinished Business

July 17, 2014 Featured, North City, Retail 3 Comments

There’s a building on West Florissant Ave, across from the entrance to Calvary Cemetary, that has intrigued me for years. A former gas station with a large unfinished 2-story addition, city records show the original was built in 1971 but no indication when the addition was started.

5250 W. Florissant back in late April
5250 W. Florissant back in late April 2014, click image for map link
A few days ago
A few days ago

It’s always looked vacant to me, but the other day I noticed someone entering or exiting the building as I passed by on the #74 MetroBus. The building is owned by a husband & wife, both lawyers, they’re also part of the ownership of the package liquor store inside. The property was previously part of the 1st ward, but became part of the 3rd ward after the last redistricting. I looked at aerial images on HistoricAerials.com, the addition existed in 1998 — 16 years ago. I don’t recall a time before the addition, I moved to St. Louis in 1990. I can’t believe how long this has been like this, how much could it cost to put some vinyl siding over the plywood sheathing? — Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it may be T-1-11 plywood siding, not just plywood sheathing. Instead of vinyl siding, a good quality stain or paint might be a more appropriate (re)finish. And I agree, it’s an intriguing structure.

    • I’m pretty familiar with T1-11 siding, I helped my father install it on new construction when I was a kid.

      Having passed by this property many times over the years, at least twice this year, I don’t think this is T1-11. As I said, it appears to be plywood sheathing. But, I could be wrong.

      One of these days I’ll stop and see if I can tell.

  2. Larry Guinn says:

    Wasn’t this Frenchie’s cleaners?


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