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Washington Ave Sidewalk Reopened

April 5, 2014 Downtown, Featured, Walkability 5 Comments

The last part of filling in the old railroad tunnel under Tucker was the NW corner of Tucker & Washington Ave. In January I posted the Last Remaining Corner of Tucker Project, at that time, 

Washington Ave sidewalk in from of the Bogen Lofts is now reopened.
Washington Ave sidewalk in from of the Bogen Lofts is now reopened.

The basement of the Bogen lofts extends under the Tucker & Washington sidewalks, requiring more work to to create the concrete top over the basement vaults. Up top the Washington Ave sidewalk looks the same as it did before, the bricks were reset on top of the concrete. I’m glad I can finally use the north side of Washington.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Adam says:

    would sure be nice to have some mature trees downtown. ain’t gonna happen with tree wells (like the one in the picture) that are barely larger than the diameter of a seedling.

    • Eric says:

      Does the well determine the size of the tree, or the other way around?

      • JZ71 says:

        Both. If you want a sapling to grow to maturity and thrive in an urban environment, you gotta provide enough room for the roots. If all you want to do is plant some sacrificial sticks, size is irrelevant.

  2. Heyyy says:

    What was the priority with filling in the rail tunnel?

    • samizdat says:

      Cheaper than reinforcing/repairing the supporting structure, which would have been necessary when 12th was rebuilt. (Sorry, I still can’t see it as Tucker; same with Wharf Street).


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