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New MetroBus Shelter To Be Built On 14th @ Washington Ave

It’s not everyday a new bus shelter is built, they’re expensive and permanent.

14th St @ Washington Ave.: Stones pavers & concrete removed so a new bus shelter can be built.
14th St @ Washington Ave.: Stones pavers & concrete removed so a new bus shelter can be built.
The public right-of-way on 14th at Washington Ave
The public right-of-way on 14th at Washington Ave

This stop serves the northbound 32 (ML King-Chouteau), 41 (Lee), and 74 (Florissant) MetroBus routes.  In the last 5 years it has been located a block north and in each of the two blocks to the south, moving every so often. This location offers the most space, but the decorative rough stone pavers have been a trip hazard.

Unfortunately the adjacent business wasn’t informed of the construction in advance. I think anyone working in the public right-of-way should attempt to give some advance notice to those impacted by construction. Metro St. Louis contracts with Wall for bus shelters.

— Steve Patterson

  • JZ71

    What, no discussion about the abysmal pedestrian conditions immediately to the north? Dumpsters on the sidewalk, missing curb ramps, no direct line of travel, cars parked in the crosswalk, jersey barriers blocking Lucas, etc, etc. Do you view this work as an improvement? A band-aid? Yes, a new shelter is nice, but it really only serves customers to the south, not to the north! http://goo.gl/maps/oRHwY

    • I’ve previously blogged about the problems at 14th & Locus, I wanted to keep this post focused. Those north of Lucas can use the bus stop at Delmar & 14th.

    • Cheryl Hammond

      Actually, I have seen people wait under a shelter on the wrong side of the street, and then cross over when they see the bus arriving. So, a shelter can serve customers on both sides.

  • Cheryl Hammond

    They may be expensive, but they are not permanent. In the last few years, i have seen two bus shelters removed, both on Pershing between DeBaliviere and Union. In one case, I was given the reason that it attracted loiterers. I did not ask in the other case. Very disappointing as the shelters were great during bad weather, especially.

    • Permanent compared to just a stop or bench. We consider buildings permanent until razed or destroyed.

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