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9th Street Storefront Being Emptied

December 28, 2012 Downtown, Featured, Retail 3 Comments

Starting to see some positive action on the vacant storefront I first posted about in September (Storefront Still Vacant A Decade Later, Tax Dollars Wasted?) and again in October (Hotel Has Used State-Owned Retail Storefront Rent-Free For A Decade).

ABOVE: December 18th the doors were opened
ABOVE: December 18th the doors were opened
ABOVE: Peaked in, very full of stuff
ABOVE: I peaked in, very full of stuff
ABOVE: A few days later on December 21st I went by again and saw a truck out front
ABOVE: A few days later on December 21st I went by again and saw a truck out front
ABOVE: This time the space was nearly empty.
ABOVE: This time the space was nearly empty.

Looks like the space is being readied to lease to a retail tenant, after a decade of rent-free use as storage.  Maybe it won’t get leased right away or it’ll get leased and the first tenant will fail, but we have to try.

Putting up paper over storefront windows for a decade in a city that needs more sidewalk activity is just destructive. To do it in a state-owned building built by an agency whose mission it is to foster development is baffling.

— Steve Patterson

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Jones/1611723632 Scott Jones

    That’s awesome. Your citizen activism is paying off! If only they’d listen about the whole city-to-arch highway 70 removal….

  • http://twitter.com/allisonmreilly Allison M Reilly

    That space doesn’t look like it will be ready for retail for a long time. Perhaps that’s why it was vacant for so long? It would have cost too much to put in the infrastructure for a restaurant or for a retail location?

    • http://urbanreviewstl.com/ Steve Patterson

      It was designed to be a retail space when the structure was built.

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