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Duncan Ave Sidewalk A Challenge Because Of Solae’s 2008 Construction

July 5, 2012 Accessibility, Central West End, Featured, Walkability 2 Comments

When Solae built their new headquarters at 4300 Duncan Ave at S. Boyle Ave. (map) in 2008 they created a pedestrian problem.

ABOVE: Solae’s contractor left a wide gap between old and new sidewalk on Duncan

The contractor dug out the old sidewalk at the west edge of their properly to create an auto driveway. The driveway works great for autos but they left a gap in the sidewalk that’s hard to navigate in a wheelchair.  Solae and/or their contractor need to fix the situation. I’ve had to pass through here on numerous visits to Solae.

I’m emailing a link to this post to Solae’s facilities manager, hopefully they’ll see fit to fill in this gap. It won’t be perfect until the adjacent sidewalk is replaced but it can be made significantly better.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. nuuj says:

    Whoever issued the final architectural/civil  punch list needs glasses. And whoever from City Streets signed off on final inspection for the driveway apron/sidewalk encroachment permit should be in the unemployment lines looking for a fry-cook job somewhere. And whichever general contractor orchestrated this mess should now probably  be installing replacement ceiling tiles for office remodel projects.  But then again, the project may have been the product of one of our esteemed. local construction management firms–in which case this condition is not much out of the ordinary. Poor workmanship, inept supervision, lack of pride often give the construction industry a black eye, and it’s fortunate for Saint Louisans that the conditions shown in the photograph are NOT typical examples of workmanship by St. Louis construction firms.

  2. JZ71 says:

    FYI, Washington University is listed as the owner of the vacant property to the west.  I wonder if this may have been their responsibility?


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