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Readers: Remove Cannabis From Missouri’s List of Controlled Substances

February 15, 2012 Politics/Policy, Popular Culture 2 Comments

If enough signatures are collected by May 6th, Missouri voters will be asked to support a constitutional amendment to decriminalize cannabis. Seemed like an interesting topic so it was the poll topic last week:

Q: Should cannabis be removed from the Missouri Statutes list of controlled substances

  1. Yes, a constitutional amend would keep the legislature from changing the vote of the people 124 [64.25%]
  2. Yes, but not as a constitutional amendment 41 [21.24%]
  3. No 15 [7.77%]
  4. Unsure/No Opinion 5 [2.59%]
  5. Other: 5 [2.59%]
  6. Maybe 3 [1.55%]

More than 85% support decriminalization but they split on making it a constitutional amendment. Three-qurarters of those who support removal from the controlled substance list  support an amendment.  It should be noted the total number of votes was higher than a typical week, but the results as a percentage stayed consistent throughout the week.

– Steve Patterson


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