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Reaching My Polling Place

November 3, 2010 Accessibility, Midtown, Public Transit 2 Comments

My polling place is just under a mile west of my loft, just west of Jefferson at the Heritage House senior housing building located at 2800 Olive.  In the past few elections I have driven my car but I decided to use transit for yesterday’s election.  The bus ride was direct and short.

ABOVE: Looking west across Leffingwell Ave on the north side of Olive St

Exiting the bus at Leffingwell Ave & Olive St. I noticed the first problem, I couldn’t cross Leffingwell due to no curb ramp on the other side of the street. I needed to cross Olive St. anyway so I did that first.

ABOVE: Looking west across Leffingwell Ave on the south side of Olive St, the eastbound bus shelter is visible on the sidewalk

Unfortunately, the same problem existed when trying to cross Leffingwell on this side of Olive.  Since I needed  to cross the street to vote I had to look for alternate places to cross.

img_1126Halfway down the block I found a place to cross, on the east side of Leffingwell was a drive from an alley and the other side was a driveway for my destination.  My first preference to cross a street is a signalized intersection.  Second is a 4-way stop and the least desirable is mid-block. I was well aware that

I have reported this lack of curb ramps to St. Louis’ Citizens Service Bureau via Twitter (@csbSTL).

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Justin says:

    if you are not comfortable getting to the senior center from the bus stop i can assume the people living there are also not comfortable walking outside to the bus stop keeping them stuck indoors. this is a significant issue which should be acted on immediately by city offices. i would be glad to assist in getting this issue resolved.

  2. I used to contract for A.G. Edwards right there (now Wells Fargo). At the time, they were building a new building and parking garage, and had been working closely with the city regarding things like cross walks. They have several parking lots scattered around the area, and they themselves ought to have an interest in accessibility. Though Wells Fargo may not be directly responsible for maintaining those intersections, you might want to bring the issue to their attention, because they might be able to use their not inconsiderable influence to do something about it.


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