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Dead at 33: North 14th Street Pedestrian Mall (1977-2010)

July 29, 2010 North City, Pedestrian Mall, Planning & Design 2 Comments

The North 14th Street Pedestrian Mall, in a vegetative state for 20+ years of it’s short life, has died. The plug was finally pulled but nobody is mourning the passing.

ABOVE: 14th & Montgomery, 1972 (pre-mall), photo by Robert Spatz
ABOVE:  14th & Montgomery, Spring 1991
ABOVE: 14th & Montgomery, Spring 1991

In fact, today from 4pm-8pm is a celebration.

ABOVE: 14th & Montgomery, July 2010
ABOVE: 14th & Montgomery, July 2010

In a bit of irony, 14th Street will not be opened until after a street party.  The center of the newly redone 2-block area is 14th & Montgomery, one block south of Crown Candy Kitchen. The area is easily reached by transit (via #30 & #74) bus routes.  Congrats to everyone in Old North St. Louis for finally reopening North 14th Street!

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Jmpier says:

    I heard a rumor that there are no Bicycle parking racks in Old North StL. Is this true? If it is how do we get racks installed?

    • The bike racks are on the way. While the party was yesterday, there is still some work to do to finish the street and open it to traffic, including street lights, benches, and bike racks.


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