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Meeting(s) With Developer Paul McKee (Updated)

Word is spreading of a meeting tonight either about and/or with controversial “Blairmont” developer Paul McKee:

April Ford-Griffin has announced a meeting at Central Baptist Church (2842 Washington Ave) this coming Monday 5/11 at 6pm for neighborhood residents and Paul Mckee.

There may also be a second meeting, with tentative date on May 21, possibly at Vashon.

I’ve sent an email to Ald. Griffin (D-5th Ward)  to verify this information.

McKee, through various holding companies, has purchased quite a bit of land in the 5th Ward.  For a map to the church click here.

UPDATE 5/11/09 @ 7:35pm:

As the meeting started the first announcement was the meeting was private and all media had to leave.  I was seated at a middle table with others and a man came over and asked me to leave.  More in a new post shortly.  In the meantime check out the agenda.


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  1. atorch says:

    What should be on that agenda is McKee’s responsibility for needlessly destroying and purposely hastening the demise of historic homes/buildings in and around that area, some of which have been denied sale to prospective preservationists only to allow them to fall apart and helped along in manners which are non legal. BUT we know Slay will never do a damn thing against him….

  2. Jason says:

    I really am naive to this, but I thought meetings like this with Alderpeople on the agenda need to be public meetings? Isn’t there some rules about private meetings? I’d like to know what the official rule is on that sort of thing. Does anyone know?

  3. cold one says:

    No matter what the official rule is, it makes them look stupid asking bloggers to leave. What difference does it make that you weren’t there? How long do they think they can keep a lid on their plans?

  4. Money Box says:

    That agenda is interesting. How many people are getting paid by McKee? How many consultants does he need?

    We’ve got:

    Mark Johnson andCivitas

    Marvin Steele and the Urban Solutions front group

    Myrtle Bailey and Gail Brown with Brown/Kortkamp

    Freeman Bosley, Jr.

    Lou Berra, Roberta Defiore, Joe Cavato and Community Program Development Corporation

    Harvey Noble and Steve Goldman of Eagle Realty

    Steve Stone

    So many people getting a piece of the pie. I bet McKee has paid more to consultants than he has spent on maintenance.

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