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I’m on Google Streetview

February 6, 2009 Midtown, Scooters 8 Comments
Steve Patterson on Google’s Streetview taken before 2/1/08.

If you love Google maps then you probably love streetview — the ability to see what an actual street looks like.

Friends of mine, planning students from St. Louis living in New Orleans, recently blogged about spotting me on my former Honda Metropolitan scooter in a streetview at Washington & Grand (link).

Thankfully I wasn’t over the stop line!  Thank you to Matt Mourning and Michael Powers!  I’ll be back on a scooter by Spring 2010.


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  1. Janet says:

    that is so cool!

  2. Dustin Bopp says:

    For a variety of reasons, that is the coolest thing.

  3. Jane says:

    Your coolness factor definitely went up with this.

  4. CarondeletNinja says:

    Point of order. According to the Missouri driver’s handbook, page 28, Crosswalks and Stop Lines, “When required to stop because of a sign or signal, you must stop before your vehicle reaches the stop line or, if there is one, the crosswalk.”
    You are clearly in violation of this law, and should report yourself to the appropriate authorities immediately. This is a civilized society, sir, and as such we can not and shall not tolerate such blatant hooliganism.

    [slp — LOL. Before the stop line or crosswalk. I was stopped before the crosswalk.]

  5. Dionna says:

    This is fantastic!!!!!! What are the odds????

  6. Mary says:

    I couldn’t think of anything more fitting. I concur – how very cool.

  7. Mark Groth says:

    Back on a scooter by Spring 2010, eh? You should celebrate with a Vespa!

    [slp — Yes, Spring 2010! Vespas are too expensive for me. Besides I used to outrun 50cc Vespas on my Met. I’ll probably get another Honda or a 50cc Genuine Buddy.]

  8. Steve, just a note on your future scooter plans – the 125cc Genuine Buddy actually gets much better mileage than the 50cc, and is 4-stroke instead of 2. Despite the added responsibility that comes with having to get it licensed, I believe it would be a better choice for you (between the 50 and 125 Buddy), for a number of different reasons.


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