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Downtown Just Gained One More Resident

November 7, 2007 Downtown, Real Estate 24 Comments

Last week I teased you that I was moving. And while guesses often focused on the 15th and 7th (Ald. Florida and Ald Young, respectively) I actually moved to the 6th, where Ald. Kacie Triplett was elected earlier this year in a heated 3-way race. I did not move for political reasons, I moved because I got a cool place for a great price in a part of town I wanted to experience.
My first six months in St. Louis were in the fashionable Central West End. I enjoyed walks up and down Euclid and shopping at Straub’s. The year was 1990 and the rent on my 8th floor studio apartment was $330. From there I jumped over to Old North St. Louis, then still officially known as Murphy-Blair. After a few years there, I moved down south to Dutchtown in 1994 and then a few blocks over to Mt. Pleasant in 2004. I’ve actually moved very little and then only because it was want I wanted to do.

So where did I move?

I am in the Printer’s Lofts on Locust between 16th and 17th. Pretty basic loft, no upgrades. A nice spot in the parking garage for my scooter.  Seems like a waste to have an entire parking space for a single scooter. Although I spent the night in the loft last night I have not fully moved in — that will come soon enough.  But, I have enough items to get me through.  As lofts go it is pretty big but it is still a downsize from my 2,642 square foot corner storefront — nearly a 40% reduction in space.

I will have room for my bicycles, which I plan to use often.  I also will get one of those old lady carts to allow me to walk down to the store and do my grocery shopping when wheel everything back.   I might, for grins, bike to MetroLink and head out to Eager to go to the Trader Joe’s at some point.

This will be a good place for me as I finish my masters degree (in Urban Planning & Real Estate Development).  Who knows, in a couple of years I might move on — both Old North and the Cherokee area are calling my name.  Until then, see you downtown.


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  1. Sam says:


    Curious as to what floor you are on. My cousin lives on the 7th floor (1627), and we hang out frequently. I also work at Simply Fondue downstairs. I trust we’ll see you there occasionally for a martini. 😉

    [SLP — FYI to everyone — Printers has two renovated buildings with plans for a future new building.  I’m in the other building from Simply Fondue — 4th floor.]

  2. Jeff says:

    Congrats, Steve. Do you ever see yourself moving out of St. Louis (perhaps to some less frustrating urban locale, a la Brooklyn)?

  3. Colleen says:

    Congratulations! I’m definitely a little jealous, too! Have fun downtown!

  4. Jim Zavist says:

    Hey, you could start small and run for a spot on the condo board . . .

  5. Nick Kasoff says:

    I have one of those old lady carts, which I take when I walk to Aldi’s or Shop ‘n Save. Works great unless you want to buy a watermelon or a turkey.

  6. Dan Icolari says:

    Steve, I was sure, based on your oft-declared love for it, both in person and on this blog, that you were going back to Old North St. Louis.

    I’m taking bets in advance that, ultimately, the lure of the less known will draw you to Cherokee.

    All that aside, congratulations on your new digs.

  7. Brad Mello says:

    Be careful calling them old lady carts — you might raise the ire of lots of old ladies with rolling objects they can roll right over you.

  8. Hans Gerwitz says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  9. James says:

    Hanneke Hardware on Southwest has some decent carts.

  10. “A nice spot in the parking garage for my scooter. Seems like a waste to have an entire parking space for a single scooter”
    well, add a few more stripes and there’ll be private parking for a half-dozen of your closest scooter-riding friends then! I’m sure the Berlin would be happy to drizzle a little oil & gas to christen your new spot. 😉

  11. publiceye says:

    “Who knows, in a couple of years I might move on — both Old North and the Cherokee area are calling my name.”

    Welcome to the nabe. I think you’ll like living here.

    (And if you are really looking into the future for places that call your name, I know that there’s a Patterson, New Jersey; a Patterson, Ohio; a Patterson, Georgia; and, even, a Patterson, Missouri. I haven’t yet found a “Steve” anywhere.)

  12. barbara_on_19th says:

    Nice choice! When/if you move back to Old North in the future, we should have some nice lofts in the Junction building at 14th & Palm for your loft-dwelling delectation. The developer is planning on specially marketing to artists and teachers. If you want to come see the “before” on these lofts, they will be open Saturday, Nov 10 from 10-2 as part of the ONSL Works in Progress tour, starting point is 2800 14th St (across from Crown Candy).

  13. Jeff says:

    Congrats! Funny you mentioned about the “old lady” cart. I took the metrolink from UMSL North and shopped at Whole Foods on Sat. using one of those. It was my first time. I actually enjoyed using it. It folds up great and I have an “instant” cart when I shop! No cart to return… etc. It felt weird…but hey I enjoyed the work out and the new route I took behind the scenes from I64 Metro to Whole Foods. I took the back roads and eventually made it by the YMCA. I highly recommend it if you want to not have to walk through several parking lots. I have also walked the longer route of the sidewalks along Eager Rd…. but I don’t like always doing the same thing….Keeps thing more interesting.

    Keep Cycling! (another bike addict!)

  14. citywmn says:

    People-carts or pedestrian-carts or metro-carts but, no, not old lady-carts.

  15. equals42 says:

    Congrats on the new spot. I often think about a Locust loft close to the Tap Room. Mmmm, beer. When I lived downtown I learned the mantra: “Don’t buy more than you can carry.” It helped keep my bills down, my cupboards uncluttered and my figure lean. When I returned to shopping by car, my inhibitions went with it and my waistline increased. Leave the “old lady cart” at home most of the time. You might enjoy some side benefits.

  16. margie says:

    Congratulations Steve! Great building in a great neighborhood. I’m jealous that you can go to Wasabi and the Gelateria any time.

    PS Did Publiceye just suggest that you leave town?

  17. Dustin Bopp says:

    ^That’s how I read it.

  18. Chris Cleeland says:

    Dude, congrats. But, where do you get one of those old-lady carts? I’ve been trying to find one for awhile. I remember, as a kid, that they just sold them at Schnucks and such. No clue where to find one nowadays.

  19. Howard says:

    You didn’t move to 15th or 7th. I was wrong. I admit it.

    I remain puzzled, however, as to how on earth you can equate “moved very little” with 5 domiciles in 17 years. There is nothing wrong with moving around a lot, changing residences frequently or traveling outside the area at every opportunity. I am just saying that it is not consistent with winning an aldermanic seat.

    [SLP — LOL, why must everything I do be “consistent with winning an aldermanic seat?”  I ran once — I was 39 when I lost that election.  I moved a few times before that, mostly in my 20s.   I’ve lived in high rises (8th floor in CWE), shotgun apartments in four family buildings, a two family and a corner storefront. Call me curious for a change of scenery now and then.  My move from one place to another in the Dutchtown/Mt. Pleasant area was within the same basic area.  I’d been in that area since 1994 and decided it was time to try out the downtown area.  I move where I want to move, not because of politics because of desiring a certain level of expectation from the built environment.]

  20. Brian Wahby says:

    There goes the neighborhood! LOL – congrats on the new crib

  21. Maurice says:

    Well, you could always rent your parking space out to one of those with two or three cars!

    Congrats on the move.

  22. Scooterjo says:

    As for taking up an entire parking spot with your oh so cute scooter, you could invite other scooters over to get warm during the upcoming cold months.

  23. northside neighbor says:

    Now that you’re another northside neighbor, living downtown that is, there are lots of things you could do…

    Join the DSLRA to help strengthen the organization.

    Once a member of the DSLRA, you could help them sete priorities for the future of downtown as a neighborhood, from the perspective of a resident.

    Work within the framework of the DSLRA to advance the effort to achieve the best outcome for Memorial Drive, the Arch grounds lid, filling in the depressed lanes, or whatever the ultimate strategy is to reconnect downtown to the Arch grounds and riverfront.

    Help the DLSRA raise money and build membership.

  24. Frank says:

    Hey all,
    I came across your blog while doing a search for “old lady cart”…pretty funny stuff.
    Anyway, just thought I’d forward you the link to my totally sweet invention that fully eliminates the need for the granny cart! Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think:


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