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Ald. Troupe and Planning & Urban Design Agency Teaming Up

Recently 1st Ward Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe and Planning & Urban Design Agency Director Rollin Stanley presented concepts for a modern in-fill project near Union & Labadie. At the meeting Stanley said the project “would be simple, low maintenance and urban.” He described the project as “very modern.”

It is nice to see an Alderman working with our talented planning staff as well as presenting ideas to the community before they are done deals.

– Steve


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  1. Brian says:

    I wish “our talented planning staff” would list the Planning Commission agenda on-line, like the Preservation Board has done now for some time.

    And the folks at PDA are talented, with the new Strategic Land Use Plan on-line. But how is the public, which the City describes as its primary audience, supposed to get excited about what the Planning Commission is doing, when the agendas aren’t even on-line.

    Well, at least I have more faith in Stanley’s definition of “urban,” albeit “very modern,” as being more true than Florida’s definition of “urban.”

  2. John Q says:

    Steve does an excellent job looking out for the whole city, but most blogs have a decidedly South City bent.

    Are there blogs around with a decidely North Side perspective?

  3. I second Brian’s call.

    Good to see Stanley support this project after his support of the embarrassing “Magnolia Square” project raised some eyebrows among his admirers.

  4. Paul K says:

    Hmm, I am a bit confused, is this project something that will actually be built or is it just an ideal on paper?

    [REPLY – At this point it is an idea on paper but it looks like it will be built. – SLP]

  5. SMSPlanstu says:

    IMHO we can reasonably agree Mr. Rollin Stanley is fully credible and understands urban design and does work with aldermen and citizens.

    He came here not to be a flashy planner who comes for several years and leaves, he is truely dedicated and shaking things up. Meeting him in person is a pure joy. I hope he will be able to push more development for the northside.


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