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Conflict of Interest Within the Mayor’s Administration?

The online version of PubDef Weekly just published an in-depth report on conflicts of interest within Mayor Slay’s administration. At issue is the personal relationship between Deputy Mayor Barbara Geisman and PR Consultant Richard Callow.

The picture painted by Antonio French, at the very least, shows an appearance of conflict if not literal conflict. A must read.

– Steve


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  1. Joe Frank says:

    Sorry Steve and Antonio, this isn’t news to many people.

    Chris Dornfeld, former mayor’s office technology czar and now a highly-paid ‘entrepreneurship consultant’ at WashU’s b-school was also an investor/owner/resident in that building.

    [RPELY – Not the same thing at all. We are going to be doing work in front of any number of city employee’s properties, including those from the Mayor’s office. The issue is the decision maker and manager having influence over what happens outside their door.

    And no, this is hardly new news but as more conflicts arise it is worthy of reporting (as Antonio has done) and discussion as we are doing now. – SLP]


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