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Another One Bites The Dust

February 22, 2006 History/Preservation, Politics/Policy, South City 1 Comment

doering1The once stately Doering Mansion is nearly gone. Today only a few walls remain standing as the machinery tears away at the structure.

It its place will be some vaguely interesting condos on an artificial bluff sited much closer to Broadway than people realize. Sadly this will be one of those projects where after it is completed people will be remorseful for the old lady that was razed.

Nobody is going to miss the nursing home on the majority of the site. But it is still standing for the moment — demo crews started with the house.

I don’t want to save every old building in the city. Many have been remodeled beyond belief, had the brick painted or other such irrevocable horrors. But not the Doering Mansion. Its only crime was having years of neglect, an alleged odd floor plan and highly valuable land.

We are too careless with our architecture and streetscapes. Many are too quick to assume demolition rather than approaching with an open mind. The local paper recently quoted SLU President Biondi regarding a church the university had just purchased. His comments were basically that he assumed they’d tear it down until he actually saw the building in person. It saddens me deeply that our “leaders” first assume demolition. Does destruction equal power?

– Steve


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  1. Jennifer says:

    This kills me. I grew up very close to this home. As an adult I made my home in Carondolet. I often walked down Broadway to look at the beautiful bluff homes. If I had the means one would be mine.
    I just found your site today.
    It saddens me deeply that this place is going the way of the bulldoser to make way for a glorified apartment complex.
    I wish it could have been saved. 🙁


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