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St. Louis Not The Only City Where a St. Aloysius Is Threatened

January 27, 2006 History/Preservation, Politics/Policy, Religion No Comments

The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently had a story about church closings and possible demoltions in the New York City area, including a St. Aloysius in Harlem:

Architecturally, the three Harlem churches meet the commission’s criteria for landmarking: special character or special historical or aesthetic interest. But that’s only part of the churches’ significance. “They tell the story of immigrants to this country who were poor and who were unable to manifest any kind of individual pride in terms of places they were forced to live in,” says Michael Henry Adams, a Harlem architectural historian of Harlem and author of Harlem: Lost and Found. “But they were able to manifest a group pride by building these great buildings as an indication of their faith in God and also the opportunities of this great country. They’re symbols of the promise of America.”

In these cases parishioners are working with preservationists to save their history, even though the churches will likely be closed and the buildings used for other purposes.

Click here for the full story.

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