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New Poll on Washington Avenue Parking

I think by now it is pretty clear that I am in favor of parking on Washington Avenue. In my efforts to get parking on the street I’ve decided to conduct my own non-scientific poll on the topic to see what others think.

[NOTE: This post first appeared on 7/17 but I have updated it and moved it to today (7/20). If you have not voted yet please read on and vote.]

I personally would like to see on-street parking all the way to the Eads bridge. I would exclude no part of the street such as in front of the convention center or convention hotel. I’d be OK with a few spaces maybe as 15 minute maximum to allow someone to run into Starbucks. Having valet permits such as they do West of Tucker would also be acceptable.

However, for the purposes of this poll I’m limiting the area to the four blocks from 8th to Tucker. The argument in favor of on-street parking is that it provides a buffer between vehicles and pedestrians, it calms traffic, it provides good short-term spaces necessary to support retail businesses, it makes sidewalk dining more pleasant and gives the general impression to visitors that things are happening in the area.

I’ve supplied a wide range of possible answers ranging from no restrictions (my ideal) to a full ban (what we have now). I’ve included the option in the answer to exclude big events. Some answers are for certain times only. You are only allowed to vote once so make it count.

On-street Parking on Washington Avenue East of Tucker should be…

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If you feel I should have included another possible answer please let me know in the comments section.

[UPDATED 7/20 @ 10AM. In three days nearly 70 people have voted. Over 90% are in favor of having on-street parking at all times, ignoring rush hour. The only difference being special events like a RAMS game. In retrospect I should have done an option that excluded M-F 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. Again, if you haven’t voted please do so.]

– Steve


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  1. Tim says:

    What about allowing parking (2 hour meters) at all times EXCEPT during rush hour (say 7 AM to 9AM and 4PM to 6PM) Monday through Friday?

    I believe this is done on Tucker and maybe a few other streets Downtown to help with traffic flow at peak times.

    [REPLY – That certainly should have been an option on the poll. Such an idea was tried on the loop and it nearly devistated the businesses that relied on stop-in customers and a dinner crowd. Sidewalk dining is a big part of the loop but it didn’t thrive until the rush hour parking ban went away. Cole and Market streets are major E-W streets that can handle through traffic better. Let’s make Washington Avenue — all of Washington Avenue — the destination hot spot it deserves to be. – SLP]

  2. jyoseph says:

    Make that 1 more for the first option

  3. Eric says:

    I just couldn’t see making the parking rules too complex. Between parking inconsistencies on either side of Tucker and multiple or potentially unexpected periods in which one can’t park on the street, I worry that it all might cause undue problems for out-of-towners, or for county residents who don’t get downtown often. Besides, street signs can only hold so much information.

    (My vote, of course, is for parking at all times.)

  4. Judy says:

    Where in this list is any consideration of the cost of parking on the street? The meters should be set to limit cruising – which means a market price, higher than most cities require – and also there should be good enforcement. I can’t vote for any options that don’t include how the meters are set. (I wouldn’t vote anyway because I don’t live in this area, but in general on-street parking increases congestion if it isn’t managed well.)


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