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Sidewalk Cleaning Is Important, Yet Not All Do It

October 15, 2018 Downtown, Featured No Comments

For nearly fourteen years now I’ve posted about many topics, often minor & obscure in nature. The little things, however, can also be important. First impressions can be lasting.

Our convention center entrance on Washington Ave is at 8th Street.

Often conventioneers stay across the street in the Marriott St. Louis Grand hotel. They power wash their sidewalk along Washington Ave weekly. I know because I see them doing it on my way to the YMCA. Also, I asked the last worker I saw how often it’s done.

Looking West from 8th, you can see the sidewalk is wet from just being cleaned
Equipment used to power wash the sidewalk.

It always looks great, they do a wonderful job! I can’t say the same about the other side of 8th.

Immediately East of 8th the sidewalk is always dirty, even after a hard rain.
Close to the building you see bird waste that has been there for at least months.
Around the corner, along 8th, it’s worse.

This is part of the entire block controlled by US Bank. Visitors to our convention center likely see this filth. While the Marriott to the West of 8th does an excellent job, US Bank fails at keeping their sidewalks presentable.

More examples.

The Ely Walker lofts, 1520 Washington, frequently power washes their sidewalk
The sidewalk in front of Roberts Galerie, 1224 Washington, is always nasty.

Maybe US Bank and others rely solely on the Downtown Clean Team:

Downtown STL Inc. has established a Clean Team in an effort to contribute to the beautification of the Community Improvement District (CID), through an aggressive sidewalk and street level cleaning program.

Clean Team members, dressed in purple and khaki, walk the streets of Downtown, St. Louis, to make sure we maintain a clean and inviting appearance to all visitors.

Some of the duties the Clean Team may encounter are: debris clean up on streets and sidewalks; graffiti and handbill removal from first floor buildings; power washing sidewalks; clean up after special events (Parades, Sporting Events, Festivals, etc.); and also cleaning and maintaining the Old Post Office Plaza and Downtown Bike Station. (Downtown Clean Team)

They also do a great job, I see them frequently. Maybe building managers/owners need to request power washing if they don’t want to do it themselves like others do? I’ll contact them myself to see if they can help out where they’re so desperately needed.

— Steve Patterson


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