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Opinion: Eric Greitens’ Political Future Is Dead

April 25, 2018 Featured, Politics/Policy No Comments
Mugshot of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Some of you were unhappy with the recent non-scientific Sunday Poll. The poll, like most weeks, took an extreme view and readers could agree or disagree. Without question the idea that just because his hair stylist went to the Greitens house and didn’t leave as soon as she got uncomfortable meant she consented to whatever took place is absurd.

He blindfolded and bound a woman to exercise equipment, spanked her, and tried to kiss her without her consent.

Those are among the scandalous allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri that were released in a legislative report on Wednesday that has put the first-term Republican governor’s political future in deep trouble. (New York Times)

I don’t know what did and did not take place in the Greitens home — a jury will need to figure that out. I do know that men can misinterpret someone being infatuated with them as consent to anything they might want to do. When this happens the men think what’s taking place is consensual — even though it isn’t if verbal consent has not been given.

A survey of 185 people published in The Journal of Sex Research found that people who practice BDSM (that’s bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) are less likely to believe myths about sexual assault, blame sexual assault victims, and exhibit benevolent sexism—the patronizing attitude that puts women on pedestals.

The Northern Illinois University researchers believe they found these results because people within the BDSM community are more likely to embrace affirmative consent—the standard by which only a clear, enthusiastic, verbal “yes” constitutes consent. Since enacting a scenario that involves restraint and potentially physical pain requires discussion, those who practice BDSM typically aren’t going to just assume consent because someone hasn’t said “no.” (Glamour)

In any dominant/submissive roll playing situation consent to each activity must be clearly asked and answered prior to the start — this is to prevent the submissive person from feeling coerced into an activity they’d rather not. All participants must agree to a safe word prior to the start.  This question of consent will likely be a big part of the criminal case against the governor next month.

I was disappointed so many agreed with the Sunday Poll statement:

Q: Agree or disagree: By voluntarily going to Eric Greitens’ house — not leaving sooner — his mistress gave her consent.

  • Strongly agree 6 [14.63%]
  • Agree 1 [2.44%]
  • Somewhat agree 1 [2.44%]
  • Neither agree or disagree 0 [0%]
  • Somewhat disagree 3 [7.32%]
  • Disagree 6 [14.63%]
  • Strongly disagree 23 [56.1%]
  • Unsure/No Answer 1 [2.44%]

Governor Greitens should’ve resigned in January, but he’s decided to fight. In my mind he now has zero political future — the only question is will he finish the term? Even if impeached by the Missouri house, the senate may not have the votes to convict and remove him from office.

— Steve Patterson



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