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St. Louis Board of Aldermen Week 27 of 2017-2018 Session

December 15, 2017 Board of Aldermen, Featured No Comments
St. Louis City Hall

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen will meet at 10am today, their 27th week of the 2017-2018 session.


*Note that just because a bill is on the agenda doesn’t mean it’ll be introduced, similarly, bills not on the agenda might be introduced if they suspend the rules to do so. This information is based on the published agenda as of yesterday @ 8am:

  • B.B.#211 – Guenther – An Ordinance recommended by the Planning Commission, to change the zoning of property in City Block 1532, from “C” Multiple?Family Dwelling District to the “F” Neighborhood Commercial District, at 3306 Wisconsin; and containing an emergency clause.
  • B.B.#212 – Pres. Reed – An ordinance amending Ordinance 69190 by repealing Section Two of that ordinance and enacting in lieu thereof a new Section Two pertaining to the same subject matters; and containing an emergency clause.
  • B.B.#213 – Ogilvie – An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for 1216-1218 Kraft.
  • B.B.#214 – Muhammad –An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 4200-98 & 4201-99 Harris.
  • B.B.#215 – Oldenburg –An Ordinance establishing a three?way stop site at the intersection of Devonshire and Childress regulating all traffic traveling westbound on Devonshire at Childress and regulating all traffic traveling northbound and southbound on Childress at Devonshire, and containing an emergency clause.
  • B.B.#216 – J. Boyd –An Ordinance concerning certain business license regulations set forth in Title 8, which require the completion of a plat and neighborhood consent petition prior to obtaining an occupancy permit; repealing Ordinances 56788, 57294, and 58645, pertaining to Arcades; repealing Ordinances 56859, 57071, and 68570, pertaining to Bathhouses; repealing Ordinance 62566, pertaining to Bed and Breakfast establishments and codified as Chapter 8.25 of the Revised Code; repealing Ordinances 55051, 61762, and 64299 and any and all superseding ordinances pertaining to Billiard and Pool Rooms; repealing Ordinances 31271, 41524, 49621, 54691, 57494, 58470 and 61095 pertaining to Dance Halls and codified as Chapter 8.32; repealing Ordinances 55784, 57502, 63461, 64878, and 69096 and any and all superseding ordinances pertaining to Pawnbrokers and codified as Chapter 8.72 of the Revised Code; repealing Ord. 56858 pertaining to Public Photographic Studios and codified as Chapter 8.78; repealing Ordinances 57404 and 68571 pertaining to Tattoo Parlors and codified as Chapter 8.97; repealing Ord. 26445, pertaining to the requirement of a consent petition required for certain types of businesses; containing a severability clause; and an effective date clause.
  • B.B.#217 – Coatar –An Ordinance recommended by the Planning Commission pertaining to the Zoning Code, Title 26; requiring that certain uses that are regulated by a plat and petition process under the License Code and Building Code be made a conditional use, prohibited use, or use by right under the Zoning Code; and containing a severability and an effective date clause.
  • B.B.#218 – Ogilvie/Ingrassia – An ordinance authorizing the Department of Streets to develop and promulgate rules and regulations, with the approval of the Board of Public Service, consistent with Chapter 17 of the Revised Code and other applicable law to facilitate the regulation of bike sharing, as defined herein.

The meeting begins at 10am, past meetings and a live broadcast can be watched online here. See list of all board bills for the 2017-2018 session.

— Steve Patterson


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