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Readers Don’t Prefer Rock Concerts In Outdoor Stadiums

August 24, 2016 Popular Culture 5 Comments

The Sunday Poll here each week is non-scientific, but occasionally I think we can learn from it. The recent poll had no right or wrong answer, it is entirely personal.  This is rare — I don’t have an opinion on the subject matter. Why? I’ve never attended a major pop/rock concert. Ever. I did attend one day of the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2004 — I got to hear some legends, such as Bonnie Raitt, while sitting on a big grass field. She was a speck on the stage, so I’d glance over at the video monitor when I wasn’t people watching or chatting with my friend.

Here are the poll results:

Q: What is your favorite type of venue for a major pop/rock concert?

  • Indoor theater: Fox, etc 20 [57.14%]
  • A field/lawn: Forest Park, etc 5 [14.29%]
  • TIE 3 [8.57%]
    • Indoor sports stadium: Scottrade, etc.
    • Other:
      • small club (Off Broadway)
      • Off Broadway
      • a small venue like the Sheldon or the Pageant
  • TIE 2 [5.71%]
    • Outdoor amphitheater: Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, etc
    • Unsure/no answer
  • Outdoor sports stadium: Busch, etc. 0 [0%]

What I find interesting is that nobody picked outdoor sports stadium as their favorite type of venue, yet the recent Paul McCartney concert was sold out.


I would like to see James Taylor perform sometime, which is usually a venue like the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Though a smaller place like The Pageant would be awesome.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    The promoter is the one who puts together the artist and the venue. If you want to see a specific artist, the venue is usually secondary – you go wherever they are playing. If you just want to get out and see “a show” or to “listen to some tunes”, then the venue becomes much more important, since you rely on it more for both atmosphere and for booking performers similar to ones that you like . . .

  2. mostly this is just because your readers skew old.

  3. Mark-AL says:

    If asked to rank strawberry licorice, cherry licorice, chocolate licorice and black licorice….and if I choose strawberry licorice as my favorite, black as my next favorite, cherry as my third favorite……I am not necessarily saying that I don’t like chocolate licorice. I’m saying only that strawberry licorice is my favorite.

  4. Dblarsen314 says:

    I didn’t vote in time but I See at least one live shows a week here (from Venice, ORH, BOB, Pageant…whatever) and a lot of it depends on the artist and the venues avail. Having been to red rocks, the gorge, SPAC, Hollywood bowl (in LA), Alpine Valley and some of the other amazing outdoor venues this countryside has, I would always go that route. But for most people in the Lou, Riverport is their only true outdoor amph experience, and it terrible…prob the worst I’ve been to of the dozens I’ve attended in the country. Not that my vote would have more value than others…just my .02 $


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