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Missouri Primary One Week Away

July 26, 2016 Featured, Politics/Policy 3 Comments

ivotedThe Democratic convention began in Philadelphia yesterday.  The Republican convention wrapped up last Thursday with the nomination of Donald J. Trump and running mate Mike Pence. In a May 2015 Sunday Poll Trump didn’t even male the top 5!

  1. Jeb Bush
  2. TIE: Rand Paul/Marco Rubio
  3. TIE: Dr. Ben Carson/Chris Christy/Rick Perry

But it was early in the race and the list of candidates was too long. Still, the polls here are non-scientific and participation was very low.

In the meantime, a week from today, Missouri has a big primary election. I voted absentee a couple of weeks ago, after researching the races and all the candidates in each, I applied my personal rules for voting:

  • If only one candidate, skip that office.
  • Don’t vote for the candidate favored by the political establishment.
  • Being likely win isn’t a valid reason to vote for or against a candidate.
  • Don’t dismiss a candidate just because they’ve never been elected to office before.

While I’m not enamored by the DNC, I did take a Democratic ballot.

Here’s how I voted:

  • US Senate: Cori Bush
  • US House: Maria Chappelle-Nadal
  • Gov: Eric Morrison
  • Lt. Gov: Winston Apple
  • Secretary of State: MD Rabbi Alam
  • Attorney General: Teresa Hensley
  • State Treasurer: Pat Contreras
  • State Senate: Dylan Hassinger
  • State Rep: only one candidate — skipped
  • Circuit Attorney: Patrick Hamacher
  • Sheriff: Vernon Betts
  • Treasurer: only one candidate — skipped
  • 5th Ward Committeeman: Rasheen Aldridge
  • 5th Ward Committeewoman: Megan Betts

On the Republican side the ads have been numerous and nasty in several races, I’m looking forward to reviewing the results. And to a break in political commercials for a month or so until the general election ads begin. Thankfully we have Netflix.

— Steve Patterrson


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  1. Greg says:

    So basically you voted for no one who is going to win…

    • Perhaps, we’ll see after all the votes are counted. If others win without my vote I’d much rather support others than waste my vote on a candidate that doesn’t need it. I campaigned for some of the people I voted for — including hosting a meet & greet.

  2. Greg says:

    So, I was off by a bit… 2 of the candidates you supported won… but the remaining 10 lost.

    And I would actually argue that 1 of the 2 that won (Teresa Hensley) is more of the political establishment than the loser (Pat Contreras) in that race.


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