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St. Louis Board of Aldermen: New Board Bills 6/24/2016

June 28, 2016 Board of Aldermen, Featured 1 Comment
St. Louis City Hall
St. Louis City Hall

One new Board Bill was introduced at the St. Louis Board of Aldermen on Friday 6/24/2016:

Board Bill No. 99 | Ordinance relating to Office of Recorder of Deeds

BOARD BILL NO. 99 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN LARRY ARNOWITZ An ordinance relating to the employees and salaries of the Office of the Recorder of Deeds; repealing Ordinances #69192 approved pertaining to the Office of the Recorder of Deeds and enacting in lieu thereof a new ordinance pertaining to the same subject matter and containing an emergency clause.

This bill was referred to the Public Employees committee, see list of committees.

Here’s the video of the meeting:

Much of the meeting we spent on the budget. The final vote on BB!64 to vacate 17th Street begins at 2 hours 43 minutes.

The meeting this week will be held Thursday June 30, 2016.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Mark-AL says:

    I attend several meetings a week, typically chaired by either the project architect or by a construction manager, who typically follow a set agenda. 99% of the time the meetings are productive and wrap up in a timely manner. All attendees are expected to arrive at the meetings on-time, prepared to address issues identified in a previously published agenda. NEVER have I attended a meeting where attendees are allowed to chit-chat among themselves during the meeting, walk in and out of and around the meeting like they’re shopping at a flea market, ignore the speaker currently addressing the participants, or refuse to answer a legitimate question. Never having witnessed a meeting of the BOA before Steve posted these videos, I initially was and remain surprised and appalled that the alderpeople appear to ignore standard and widely accepted meeting protocol and commonly accepted guidelines of respect for one another. It’s a wonder that things get done as well as they do.


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