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SUV Blocked Pedestrian Path At The Boulevard

January 21, 2016 Featured, Retail, St. Louis County 5 Comments

Last Saturday morning we drove out to The Boulevard to get a gift at Crate & Barrel.  When we arrived and left a large SUV was parked blocking the crosswalk.

The owner was sitting in his SUV blocking the crosswalk when we arrived and when we left
The owner was sitting in his SUV blocking the crosswalk when we arrived and when we left

A person was inside, but I didn’t confront him other than giving him a dirty look as I slowly walked around with my cane.

This person was either:

  1. Waiting to pick up someone who was shopping, or
  2. Security

I emailed the property manager at Pace Properties, asking if this person was security. I’ve not heard back.

— Steve Patterson



  • loki03xlh

    People are assholes. They only care about themselves.

  • Sgt Stadanko

    whenever i see inconsiderate drivers, most of the time the drive SUV’s -thanks, Sarge

    • RyleyinSTL

      In all fairness, SUV type vehicles are the most popular these days, so one would figure that to be the case.

      • Sgt Stadanko

        good point. thanks, Sarge

  • RyleyinSTL

    I’d be surprised if security was driving an SUV which would have cost $70k when new.

    More likely somebody waiting to pick someone up. Yes they had their head up their ass but I doubt it was malicious. Most people in this vehicle centric age just don’t give pedestrian consideration one second of thought (we hate ourselves so much that we build brand new neighborhoods without sidewalks). Just take a look up and down your street to see who shoveled their section of sidewalk the day after it snowed….those who didn’t clearly don’t care much for the pedestrian but their ignorance isn’t likely intentional.

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