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Readers Take Uber’s Side

July 8, 2015 Sunday Poll, Transportation 2 Comments

I’m still unsure about Uber, Airbnb, and the sharing economy, I’m also not pleased with how local taxicab companies take more fees from their drivers’ fares when credit cards are used. I rarely have more than $5 on me — we use plastic for everything we possibly can — rewards add up. So I’m in the middle — Uber shouldn’t avoid all regulation, but taxicab companies don’t appear to be regulated enough. If taxicabs companies want to remain relevant their drivers must cheerfully accept credit cards.  The transaction must be easy, passing a tiny receipt back for signature isn’t easy.

Anyway, here are the results from the Sunday Poll:

Q: The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission has been fighting with Uber ride sharing service. Which of the following best matches the side you support:

  1. 100% Uber / 0% Taxicab Commission 18 [45%]
  2. 75% Uber / 25% Taxicab Commission 13 [32.5%]
  3. 50/50 4 [10%]
  4. 100% Taxicab Commission / 0% Uber 3 [7.5%]
  5. 75% Taxicab Commission / 25% Uber 1 [2.5%]
  6. Unsure / no answer 1 [2.5%]

On Sunday morning I moved the poll from the sidebar to within the post, enabling mobile readers to be able to vote from within the mobile layout. This will be the practice going forward. Thanks to readers
Maimeó & Kelly for prompting me to make the change!


— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    So, if Metro “want[s] to remain relevant their drivers must cheerfully accept credit cards”, as well? Taxis are public transit, cash may be old fashioned, but just because you choose to carry less than $5, doesn’t mean that everyone wants to, or even can, use plastic. The biggest downside to Uber, for me, is their dynamic pricing model combined with a cashless transaction – it comes down to “trust us”, we’ll get the financial side right, every time! If you’ve ever tried to undo a plastic transaction, after the fact, it’s a major PITA.

    • I’ve been buying my Metro passes with plastic for years. Soon they’ll have reloadable cards.

      My point is it’s a “PITA” to use plastic in local taxicabs. Millennials & Gen-X riders don’t use cash the way Boomers do. Uber has been able to take advantage of a gap between the service offered and the service expected, If taxicab companies don’t change how they operate they’ll find themselves out of customers.


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