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Readers Overwhelmingly Support Public Vote On Funding A New NFL Stadium

June 25, 2015 Politics/Policy, Taxes 1 Comment
The current home of the St. Louis Rams
The current home of the St. Louis Rams

After controversial funding of our current MLB stadium (Busch III) an ordinance was passed to give voters a say at the ballot box.  At the time few probably thought about funding for the next NFL stadium — the Rams weren’t quite 10 years into a 30-year lease. Now they’re at 20 years and, because the Edward Jones dome isn’t top-tier, they’re now annual tenants.

Proponents could make the argument that we’ve elected people to represent us, let them do what we elected them to do. That’s the only argument I can think of to oppose a vote. In this case that isn’t even a very good argument. This involves huge sums of money over the coming decades — not something we should let others handle. If we’re going to fund & build another NFL stadium a decade before our current one is paid for then voters should be involved.

Results from the Sunday Poll:

Q:  Should St. Louis tax payers get to vote on funding a new NFL stadium?

  1. Yes 35 [83.33%]
  2. No 6 [14.29%]
  3. Unsure/No Opinion 1 [2.38%]
  4. Maybe 0 [0%]

The leaders pushing for a new stadium deal don’t want a public vote because they know an affirmative vote would be a tough sell, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

— Steve Patterson




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  1. craigbhill says:

    Proponents don’t want a BoA vote either, for it would issue a sure defeat for the stadium.

    btw a winning vote in a state referendum, not a poll of sports fans, is what is necessary to keep state funding (barely) alive, and it won’t happen either, for the same reason.


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