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Central Library Reopened Two Years Ago

December 9, 2014 Downtown, Education, Featured 6 Comments

St. Louis’ Central Library reopened two years ago today, after being closed for a major renovation. Earlier this year a cafe opened off the atrium.

The exterior lighting is outstanding, October 2014
The exterior lighting is outstanding, October 2014
ABOVE: The atrium in the former stacks area is a very modern and welcoming area.
The atrium in the former stacks area is a very modern and welcoming area.

If you haven’t yet visited I suggest you take the time to check it out. I haven’t spent as much time inside as I thought I would, be living two blocks West I do get to enjoy the exterior often.

Check out this video on the library to learn more about it:

— Steve Patterson



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  1. Mark says:

    My family visited the library several years ago when we first moved to St Louis, several years before the renovation, but we haven’t visited since. And now we no longer live in St Louis and therefore I can only comment based on your pics. Eight years ago, I was initially impressed with the quiet grandeur of the fully integrated exterior. I know that Cass’ design was based on a colonnade concept, but I’m one who feels that the series of columns in regular intervals plays an equal role with the arched openings to complete that design. I wonder if the lighting engineer’s emphasis on the arched openings (only) might downplay the columns and therefore emasculate that colonnade effect? And the lighted penthouse, in my opinion, tends to unnecessarily separate the building “base” from the penthouse, leaving the impression that the penthouse is an addition–or even an afterthought. Based on the pics, in my opinion, a person standing a block away at night might mistakenly think the exterior is a precast or tilt-up structure, with repetitive formed (blocked-out) window openings similar to those that we saw going up in the county in the 50s and 60s. Maybe I’m too partial to columns and pilasters! ( I have noticed that in Europe, older structures with exterior lighting are lighted in a way that single elements of the facade are typically not singled out.)

  2. Sgt Stadanko says:

    Hopefully once they shut down The Larry Rice Hotel, there won’t be so many homeless crawling around there. It is unfortunate that the Library is basically Ground Zero for the homeless population. Some actually using the library, I don’t have a problem with. It is the ones that use is a place to panhandle and scare off would be patrons. And just hang out and stink up the place. If you are using it fine. Most homeless use it to loiter and leave their garbage all over. Thanks, Sarge

    • backprop says:

      Central Express is full of homeless and vagrants all day, and it’s not really close to NLEC. Also, I’ve never seen panhandling at Central…not once. On the other hand, a lady asked me for money for the meter outside of the cathedral on 13th. Seems her BMW 7 series didn’t have a change holder.

      • Sgt Stadanko says:

        well, i walk by there daily and have been “shaken down” for “spare change” many times. the last time I was in the Library, so homeless lady ate her Hardee’s and left the garbage on the stairs and she smelled like she took a dump in her pants. do you live in the county, backprop?

        • backprop says:

          Oh, so you are outside. I though you said that people “use is a place to panhandle” which they are not.

          So when you are outside and are “shaken down,” what do they say or do when you say “Sorry, no”?

          • Sgt Stadanko says:

            No backprop, I can’t say these derelicts tried in the library. Had they, I would have went right to security. When it comes to panhandlers, I have no heart. People that continuously give money to these mendicants are enabling them. Then they become a nuisance to the decent hardworking people walking down the street after another day of corporate slavery in the “rat race”.

            I challenge people when they are asked for “spare change” for a “hot meal”, you offer to buy them the meal and give it to them. Chances are, they will argue for the cash. If they take me up on it, then they are indeed needy and worthy of my giving.

            I have seen people give money to these bums and they go right into the convenience store and buy cigs, blunts, and/or liquor. And that is the majority of these panhandlers. You can spot the alcoholics/drug abusers from their yellow eyes. They are a menace to downtown living.

            To answer your other question….Some I say “no, sorry” to but if they are the lazy bums, I tell them to “get a job” It sounds cold and heartless but while I am working my a** off, they are sucking up air and waiting for the next sap to give them a handout. Thanks, Sarge


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